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Big Fat Blending Tutorial

Big, fat, FAT blending tutorial. *download for a nice detailed view, or fullview here for a medium sized one.

Designed mainly for PS, but you can use these fundamentals anywhere, acutally.

Hope it helps. any questions just ask :)

For a REALLY close-up view of the blending modes I did, Click here. >> [link]
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Hello, and thank you for the tutorial. Does anyone know if the same steps could be applied to Krita?
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Great tutorial, thanks so much
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I do have Photoshop, but I was wondering if there is a way to do the Soft Blending in other programs as well, such as GIMP?
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Cool , thanks for the tutorial ^^
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I quoted your tutorial here: [link]

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Thanks for the tutorial.
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This tutorial is amazing!
But I have photoshop elements 9 and sadly I can't really find a window with all those settings. Looks like only part of them available for Elements users. :/
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Your tutorial is very important to me, but I do not understand English. Could you put the text and link it to the tutorial. So those who do not speak English can copy the text and to use a translator. It would be very useful. :handshake:
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Umm, if you don't understand English how did you alk in English up there? -.-
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This is exactly what I was looking for. Really big help. Thank you very much.
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very helpful, and I gotta give you props for using actual typography/layout in your tutorial. That's quite the rarity around these parts.
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aw, thank you *jump-cut, I really appreciate that! You're quite kind :hug:
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this is the most helpful tutorial I've seen so far! Thank you so much :D
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Really nice tutorial, it helps me a lot. great Work, keep it up!
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wat flow means?
peacemakerwarfreak's avatar
This is a life saver! :D Thank you!
Legojack261's avatar
This'll be useful in the future. Thanks alot.
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tnx... very helpful
CucumberPickles's avatar
Wow, this is very helpful. Thank you!
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Thanks for this soo much :) Really starting to understand how to paint in Photoshop!
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