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Lee by OneEyedTurtle Lee :icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 4 0 Sketchhh by OneEyedTurtle Sketchhh :icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 3 0 This Bird Thing by OneEyedTurtle This Bird Thing :icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 2 0 Close Your Eyes by OneEyedTurtle Close Your Eyes :icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 5 1
Motel Morning
A mix of sad and happiness
A motel morning’
An agreement with my own existence
It sounds like it might be storming…
A mix of stress and peace
A motel morning
I don’t know if I’m truly seeing anything.
Maybe it’s just the air conditioning…
A mix of life and annoyance
A motel morning
I don’t know if i’m wanted here
As the sun seems to be growing.
:icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 0 0
I seem to have a heart.
A piece of light hidden within me
And it seems to play a pretty big part
of this life I am living
If this is true
If I am meant to love
Why do you refuse
to understand my heart
And I seem to have a mind
A lump of knowledge inside
It seems to know the meaning of every sign
Why does it have to hide
Because if this is true
that I am meant to think
Why do you refuse
to understand me
Also I think I have a mouth
This thing I never seem to use
It helps everyone else out
when they are losing you
And if this is true
that I am meant to speak
why cant I put it to use
make you love me
:icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 2 5
Heart (Animated) by OneEyedTurtle Heart (Animated) :icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 3 1 Sam by OneEyedTurtle Sam :icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 2 5 Susan by OneEyedTurtle Susan :icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 4 8
I just want to tell you
I want you to know
But would you ever be happy
with how I see the world?
I just want to shout
it out to the crowds
but will you take it to the extreme
kick me out of your house?
I wish you would accept
the human I am
but I know you never will
as long as I am
:icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 3 21
Levi Wallpaper by OneEyedTurtle Levi Wallpaper :icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 3 43 Arthur by OneEyedTurtle Arthur :icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 3 4 A Bit of Improvement by OneEyedTurtle A Bit of Improvement :icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 2 1 Escape (Redrawn) by OneEyedTurtle Escape (Redrawn) :icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 2 0 Finally by OneEyedTurtle Finally :icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 5 1 Cry Me a River by OneEyedTurtle Cry Me a River :icononeeyedturtle:OneEyedTurtle 6 6


a failed experiment 12
Twelfth day….
The pain I felt before is completely gone. Even if they cut I don’t feel anything and the hunger for blood gets worse, each hour more victims fall to me. The black marks that cover my blood glow reddish and consume my body making it whole like a human. There’s nothing more to do though.
I get bored. And destroy my room.
Alarms probably go off at least it’s a loud noise as I try to run, run for my life. I don’t know what I have to do! The hallways being that long like a maze around me. I can’t stand much more. I broke down everything trying to stop me reaching for the outside world, the world I came from, as I vaguely recall.
:iconsmallandsilent:Smallandsilent 9 13
a failed experiment 10
Tenth day…
I finally got a vast form and the moment I noticed it I tried to stand up. I felt like an infant falling back down immediately. I wasn’t able to move at all. I couldn’t do anything. Some woman walked in and helped me back on the bed. There was no way I could help myself, I only felt some weird hunger sensing her blood…?
It was the first time I took my fill from a human body. I drank it nearly empty.
:iconsmallandsilent:Smallandsilent 7 47
a failed experiment 9
Ninth day…
I feel more like I am in control of me floating around and got a more vast form. It’s nothing strong. Just some bloody red mist figure. I try to speak but nothing comes out. I try to move, it works, but it’s very slow….
nothing really happens.
:iconsmallandsilent:Smallandsilent 8 14
a failed experiment 8
Eighth day…
I finally got released. The straps where no longer there. I could sit up! Or at least that’s what I thought…
My muscles where completely gone and so where my bones and organs. I noticed it as I could only float around like I was completely made out of mist? Red mist?
:iconsmallandsilent:Smallandsilent 7 17
a failed experiment 6
Sixth day…
I don’t think I was conscious…
I heard the sound of monitors that we’re recording my heartbeat. I felt a tube in my mouth that kept me breathing. The sound of my heart beating started to go slower until it stopped…
I wonder why I still felt everything and was aware of those people that we’re hurting me. They put my body on a table that felt icy cold. I felt the knives cutting into my body. There was pain, hatred and fear that took over my clouded mind.
:iconsmallandsilent:Smallandsilent 7 7
a failed experiment 5
Fifth day…
I think it is the fifth day at least. I am rushed into a bright room. I start struggling and screaming from the pain. I felt terrified I wanted to leave. Hands grabbed me pushing me down, harshly. I couldn’t get away anywhere as I got tied down…
They didn’t put on the mask this time as a person wearing a mask walks over to me holding a surgeon knife. They put in a wooden stick in my mouth before they started cutting me up. Everything felt so painful I couldn’t help but scream and struggle against my restraints. It was the first time I realized that all this time I’ve been laying naked on my back in a bed.
I passed out from the pain.
:iconsmallandsilent:Smallandsilent 7 20
a failed experiment 3
Third day:
The experiments begin.
I don’t know how but when I woke up I was tied. My hands, feet, tummy, head everything was tied. I felt my breath quicken along with my heartbeat. The noise of a door closing and someone walking in made me try and look over. I couldn’t see who it was but I immediately asked for my release. I got ignored. I heard metal scrapping as I shivered.
I never knew what they did. My mouth got covered, my mind got clouded, my eyes closed and I didn’t feel a thing.
:iconsmallandsilent:Smallandsilent 8 25
Headshot: Lucasfan375 by BengalBoi Headshot: Lucasfan375 :iconbengalboi:BengalBoi 10 5
Major Character Characterization
Major Character Characterization
Full name:
Name Meaning:
Also known as:
Sexual Orientation:
Dominant Hand:
Previous Locations lived in:
Birth date:
What is going on in the world around them:
Hair Color; Length; Style:
Head and Face Shape:
Height; Weight:
Eye Color/Shape/Eyebrows:
Skin Tone:
Most noticeable feature:
Scars? Birthmarks? Etc?
Clothing Style:
Physical build/fitness:
Powers/Abilities (Optional):
Good Traits:
Flaws (Tip: Have at least 2 more flaws than good traits):
Coping Mechanisms:
Thinking or Feeling:
Judging or Perceiving:
Intuitive or Sensing:
Extravert or Introvert:
Fatal Flaw:
5 quotes that shows their personality:
“                                      “
:iconanikaandaj:AnikaandAj 312 23
Rain  by Crummy-Juncture Rain :iconcrummy-juncture:Crummy-Juncture 13 0 Flippin dunce right here by Crummy-Juncture Flippin dunce right here :iconcrummy-juncture:Crummy-Juncture 14 2 [ Star ] by GlichieVirus [ Star ] :iconglichievirus:GlichieVirus 49 15 [ Insomniac ] by GlichieVirus [ Insomniac ] :iconglichievirus:GlichieVirus 64 15 GIANT ROBOT by nguyenbuuhien GIANT ROBOT :iconnguyenbuuhien:nguyenbuuhien 1 0
All my thoughts for a short moment
Five ten three
four six seven eight, ten ,fifteen
I feel stupid thinking in numbers again
I don't wanna think in numbers
but they keep comming fifty
ninety seven
Yuu should die and Len should cry
Sugar cube needs my hug when we meet
I get disturbed
Han should shut up
my fingers hurt
and I should stop talking to my teddy bear
but he's so cute that I can't stop ruight Akira?
What are you starring at Roy
those are my toes
myabe you should bite them like before
and make them bleed
because it's funny
you really are amazingly funny clawing at them
stop tickeling me Ziva
I wanna draw my minds forest
Make up my new mind castle get a new memory card
for myself and chew on my tongue
which I'll just do now because it tastes good. 0.0
that's it for a minute.
:iconsmallandsilent:Smallandsilent 4 6



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Hello! I am OneEyedTurtle Otherwise known as "TurtlesandTea" or "Claire" I try to take everything that I don't (or sometimes do) understand in life and portray that in a drawing. I struggle with happiness and anxiety, although I am rapidly recovering, and am always looking for a friend. Send me a note if you would like to be friends, colaborate, or even if you have an idea of what I could draw. I love you!

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