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Facial Sliders Pack


***Waring You Will most likely need a Slider hack limit for all these to work in game***** Here one

I give to you my facial sliders pack.

Sliders are All Ages and Gender(besides Chin bone height)
pictures on tumbler…



1. Ear Stretch [ Head and Ears-->Ear]

2. Ear Height Thickness [ Head and Ears--> Ear]

3. Ear Width [ Head and Ears--> Ear]

2. Chin Bone Height (Teen-Elder)[ Head and Ears--> Chin] (Tried to get it so that the chin itself isn't made taller or smaller. It is about one pixel different in height.)



1. Teeth Height [ Mouth--> Lower Lip ](Pic is shown with Jaw under-bite)



1. Nostrils Depth [ Nose--> Nostril ]



1. Just Eye Height [ Eyes]

2. Eyeball Size [ Eyes --> Eye Shape]

3. Sunken Eyeballs [ Eyes --> Eye Shape]

4. Brow Out-thick [ Eyes --> Brow ]

5. Brow In-thick [ Eyes --> Brow ]


Thanks to

This tutorial…

and this post by Cmar…


Term of USE:

Don’t claim as your own, if you can please link back(if used in a shared sim for upload), and don’t post slider for upload on another site. Um…that’s it. (If the sliders are no longer on devinart I will post on mediafire (from Tumbler) but I use devinart as I never had a problem downloading.)



1. anonymous asked: o.o I have no idea how to get the sliders from dA..
Reply: On deviantart (This page)  in the upper right corner of the screen,(right bellow add to favorites link) there is a green arrow pointing down. Click it and it will download.

2. anonymous asked: It won't download/load anything.
Reply: try right clicking the download button and opening it in a new link/tab. For some reason the site is having issue. I believe someone mention that not all browsers are effected. I'm on firefox and opening in a new tab seems to work.

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All of my sliders can be found at this link…
Not every slider is on deviantart.
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Download button says 404 not found even when opened in new tab..
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Wired it still works for me. IT comes up as pop-up though, so maybe something blocking it. You can download the sliders at simfileshare now.…
that page has all the sliders i have made split by sections
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 Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1]
Thank you , Thank You , THANK YOU so much for these ! I 'm especially looking forward to the sunken eye one ~ <3
Thank you for the sliders ^^
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