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Big Slider Pack


Tumblr for photos


uneven jawline height has been removed from download due to it be the same as uneven jawline.

~Head and Ears locations~

  1. Cheek Depth Scale
  2. Cheek Width
  3. Cheek Y Scale
  4. uneven cheek depth scale
  5. uneven cheek width
  6. uneven cheek y scale (left)
  7. uneven cheekbone depth
  8. uneven cheekbone distance
  9. uneven cheekbone x size
  10. uneven cheekbone y size


  1. uneven chin lean
  2. uneven chin rotate


  1. Jaw Talk
  2. uneven jawline
  3. uneven lower jaw tilt


  1. Alien Head (Teen-Elder) (Not hair friendly)
  2. Head Depth *Added July 7


~Eyes location~


  1. Brow Bend
  2. Brow Rotate
  1. Ptosis Lower Eyelid *Added June 30
  2. Lower Eyelid Shape *Added June 30
  3. uneven lower eyelid shape *Added June 30
  1. uneven eye apex *Added June 30

~Nose location~


  1. Nose Tip Y Scale
  2. Tip Width
  3. uneven tip width


  1. Nose Tweak
  2. uneven nose tweak
  3. uneven nostril definition


  1. Amputee- Arm- Full-Half (Left)
  2. Amputee- Arm- Full-Half (Right)
  3. Amputee- Foot - Leg (Left)
  4. Amputee- Foot - Leg (Right)
  5. uneven nose lean

~Mouth location~

Upper lip

  1. Upper Lip Curve
  2. uneven upper lip twitch
  3. Upper Lip Tug *Added July 7

Lower lip

  1. Lower Lip Curve (Child-Elder)
  2. Lower Lip Tug *Added July 7


  1. Breast X Scale (F-Teen-Elder)
  2. Breast Y Scale (F-Teen-Elder)
  3. Knock Knees
  4. uneven breast x scale (F-Teen-Elder)
  5. uneven breast y scale (F-Teen-Elder)


  1. Foreleg Paws Bend (dog) (In Legs)
  2. Foreleg Paws Turn (cat) (In Body)


Term of USE:

  1. Don’t claim my creations as your own.
  2. Don’t re-upload my creation on other files sharing sites (mediafire and such sites)
  3. If you used my creations in a shared Sim/Pet for upload please link back.
  4. If the sliders/others are no longer on devinart I will post an updated link of all from Tumbler.



Other sliders by me




1. anonymous asked: o.o I have no idea how to get the sliders from dA..
Reply: On deviantart (This page)  in the upper right corner of the screen,(right bellow add to favorites link) there is a green arrow pointing down. Click it and it will download.

2. anonymous asked: It won't download/load anything.
Reply: try right clicking the download button and opening it in a new link/tab. For some reason the site is having issue. I believe someone mention that not all browsers are effected. I'm on firefox and opening in a new tab seems to work.

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so i had to pass 6 websites only to find this and i could not get the sliders to even work.. :(
PrisicelyWrong's avatar
Sadly didnt work for me.. or do I need something to make sliders work? Cause I added it to mod folder>package.. it showed up in game but didnt do anything. :(
EDIT; got it!
How can I install the slider?
in my game some of those sliders does not work
OneEuroMutt's avatar
you most likely reach your slider limit. This tutorial can help you on…
OneEuroMutt's avatar
All of my sliders can be found at this link…
Not every slider is on deviantart.
Noodles-Poodles's avatar
um, how do you unpack ''.zip'' files or whatever? xD I have this thing called WinRAR but idk how to use it... ^^;
OneEuroMutt's avatar
Will if you have winrar just right click on the package and click one of the Extract buttons.
Popcornstar45's avatar
Thank you so much!!!!! your sliders are amazing!!!
where is dowload?
OneEuroMutt's avatar
on this page. right hand corner, green arrow pointing down (says download) click it and you'll get a zip file.
NatuSpatu's avatar
Thank you for this huge amount of sliders! Hug
Didn't know such deviations exist on DA, too. c:
OneEuroMutt's avatar
Yeah most of my sliders are now posted on tumblr duo to devi having some issues. Here's a link if you are interested.…
NatuSpatu's avatar
Big thankies! c':
TheEmolga's avatar
These creations are my own.
OneEuroMutt's avatar
What do you mean by that?
TheEmolga's avatar
I'm violating your terms of use.

These are my creations. (Psst. Not really)
how do i install into the game its a package file and when i unzipped it i couldnt do anything
OneEuroMutt's avatar
what do you mean by couldn't do anything? Where the flies empty after you unzip them?
MissLittleSilvia's avatar
dled but do you gotta install it cuz idk anything about installing sliders Sweating a little... 
OneEuroMutt's avatar
sliders go into your mod folder.
chexmemint's avatar
how do u install it?
OneEuroMutt's avatar
Yeah, I think there something up with deviantart Try right clicking on the green arrow download and open it up through a new tab. That got the download to work for me. If I right click and open it up in in a new tab it downloads. Oe-Li-Lee said using internet Explorer works.
You stick the packages files into your mod folder.
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