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Big Slider Pack



Tumblr for photos


uneven jawline height has been removed from download due to it be the same as uneven jawline.

~Head and Ears locations~

  1. Cheek Depth Scale
  2. Cheek Width
  3. Cheek Y Scale
  4. uneven cheek depth scale
  5. uneven cheek width
  6. uneven cheek y scale (left)
  7. uneven cheekbone depth
  8. uneven cheekbone distance
  9. uneven cheekbone x size
  10. uneven cheekbone y size


  1. uneven chin lean
  2. uneven chin rotate


  1. Jaw Talk
  2. uneven jawline
  3. uneven lower jaw tilt


  1. Alien Head (Teen-Elder) (Not hair friendly)
  2. Head Depth *Added July 7


~Eyes location~


  1. Brow Bend
  2. Brow Rotate
  1. Ptosis Lower Eyelid *Added June 30
  2. Lower Eyelid Shape *Added June 30
  3. uneven lower eyelid shape *Added June 30
  1. uneven eye apex *Added June 30

~Nose location~


  1. Nose Tip Y Scale
  2. Tip Width
  3. uneven tip width


  1. Nose Tweak
  2. uneven nose tweak
  3. uneven nostril definition


  1. Amputee- Arm- Full-Half (Left)
  2. Amputee- Arm- Full-Half (Right)
  3. Amputee- Foot - Leg (Left)
  4. Amputee- Foot - Leg (Right)
  5. uneven nose lean

~Mouth location~

Upper lip

  1. Upper Lip Curve
  2. uneven upper lip twitch
  3. Upper Lip Tug *Added July 7

Lower lip

  1. Lower Lip Curve (Child-Elder)
  2. Lower Lip Tug *Added July 7


  1. Breast X Scale (F-Teen-Elder)
  2. Breast Y Scale (F-Teen-Elder)
  3. Knock Knees
  4. uneven breast x scale (F-Teen-Elder)
  5. uneven breast y scale (F-Teen-Elder)


  1. Foreleg Paws Bend (dog) (In Legs)
  2. Foreleg Paws Turn (cat) (In Body)


Term of USE:

  1. Don’t claim my creations as your own.
  2. Don’t re-upload my creation on other files sharing sites (mediafire and such sites)
  3. If you used my creations in a shared Sim/Pet for upload please link back.
  4. If the sliders/others are no longer on devinart I will post an updated link of all from Tumbler.



Other sliders by me




1. anonymous asked: o.o I have no idea how to get the sliders from dA..
Reply: On deviantart (This page)  in the upper right corner of the screen,(right bellow add to favorites link) there is a green arrow pointing down. Click it and it will download.

2. anonymous asked: It won't download/load anything.
Reply: try right clicking the download button and opening it in a new link/tab. For some reason the site is having issue. I believe someone mention that not all browsers are effected. I'm on firefox and opening in a new tab seems to work.

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so i had to pass 6 websites only to find this and i could not get the sliders to even work.. :(