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Aqualad Redesign

Born an exile amongst the other Atlantians due to his lineage he was soon found by Aquaman and trained to use his many gifts; Garth took the name Aqualad in honor of his mentor.

So here is what I imagine Garth could look like as the new Aqualad. Using specials cells in his skin he can become almost invisible in the water or create blinding light; he can swim faster than most planes can fly in the air, project needles from his forearms that contain a neurotoxin, or use his incredible strength to lift (press) 65 tons.

For this design I wanted to go a different rout than I usually do with my aquatic guys. I wanted to make him colorful without using the same old colors of blue or green. The idea is he lives in the great barrier reefs and so his color should reflect that.
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Cool but for a villain, not Aqualad! :)
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I wanted him to be the wolverine of the group. The misunderstood loner type, thats why he so gruff
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I think this look gives him a better reasoned to be exiled.
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cool but a drastic change you could have just added some gils :)
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I know right! But I really wanted to make him as different as possible
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