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SPM Suzuvchi Quyosh and ZS Sagadir



I wanted to finish this picture so I got up again... and I finished it :la: Yeees, only flatcolours but I'm sick and I wanted to draw something relaxing - shading isn't sooo relaxing you know? xD
Look at those two. Aren't they totally pretty together? That baby is going to be awesome! 
Oh and Suzis dapples and brindle is there - she's just so dark that you can hardly see it ;D

I know a breeding picture wasn't required because I won the slot to Sagir but I wanted to draw it anyway as a little gift to Zoub because she's awesome and because she had birthday :D 

I expected a dialog by the way...
Sagir is like: "Hey, baby! Look what I can do!"
Suzi: "I'm not as half impressed as you want me to be..."

But secretly she loves him totally, I mean. He's one sexy thing :D
Zoub, I'm very sorry - I cheated with the dapples and used a brush xD 

Stallion: ZS Sagadir (belongs to Zoubstance)
Mare: SPM Suzuvchi Quyosh (belongs to me)

PS: Who needs pretty backgrounds? xD

Reference (traced) | by :iconeltear-stock:

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Ffff, this came out so awesomely! No need to cry about those dapples; LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE :la:  

Honestly, I had such a great giggle at that conversation of theirs hahaa. That is pretty much exactly how I would have predicted it to go :'D  Sagadir is such a dork.. even if Suzi is secretly charmed, aww. Maybe she's secretly a dork too ^^'
I'm excited to see the foalie; I bet he/she is going to be just fabulous ^^

gvdghfvsdhg I love this to tinytiny bits, and thank you so much! ;U; :hug: