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SOLD | CAS Yorqin Chiroqlar



SOLD TO Bayard898

Stablename: Central Autumn Stud
ID: ZM0057
Import Design
Name: CAS Yorqin Chiroqlar
Meaning: Bright Lights
Nickname: Sunny

Breed: Zlesdin 
Gender: Mare
Age: 12 years
Hight: 167 cm

Color: Grey (on black)
Markings: -
Specials: The mare is completely blind.
Genotype: Ee/aa/Gg

Discipline: Halter, Liberty

------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: Starter
------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------ SSD: unknown

------------------------------ SSD: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Dam: Starter
------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------ SSD: unknown

Breeding: Bullet; Red [x] Bullet; Green [ ] 
Open for 20 Points  or one picture of my Horses. Breeding picture can also be the payment.
She has a genetic disorder which caused her blindness. This disorder can be given to her offsprings with a probability of 30%.
Breeding only with pure Zlesdin-Horses.

1. SV's Ba'al-zebub | :bulletgreen: finished
2. reserved for LACK-OF-LIGHT with SPM Noto'g'ri Tushunish | :bulletgreen: finished
3. reserved for CollapsingKings | :bulletwhite: unfinished (paid)

1. SPM Issiq Yer | rank: Zayus
2. SD Noto'g'ri Sudya | rank: Dimer

Because of her blindness she's a very careful horse. She trusts her rider completely and isn't aggressive at all.

Sunny was born blind.

Zlesdin - Zlesdin Points

Bullet; White Registration: +1

Bullet; White Boodline:
- purebred foal +2
- purebred foal +1

Bullet; White Show Entries:

Bullet; White Show Placing:

Bullet; White Training/other Images:
- halfbody image: Zlesdin-Army +2
- halfbody breeding image: Baby don't hurt me. +2

Bullet; White Art by others:
- Golden Halo by SouthAfricanWolf +1
Lady Power by EndingStories +1
Mommy is the best by Qwertylein +1
Zlesdin Hall of Fame by Qwertylein +1

Total: 12 ZP = Zayus

Reference (traced) | by Breathless-dk
Design by Zoubstance 
Tools: PS CC and Wacom Bamboo Pen

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