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SOLD - CAS Sevimli Otlar



GIFTED TO Templado


Stablename: Central Autumn Stud
ID: ZM0088
Foal Design
Name: CAS Sevimli Otlar
Meaning: horse's darling
Nickname: Sevi
Breed: Zlesdin 
Gender: Mare
Age: 1 year
Hight: 169 cm (when matured)

Color: Flaxen Chestnut Dun Roan Rabicano 
Markings: blaze, lip marking, partial fetlock on FR and FL, sock on BL, rabicano markings, bend-or spots
Eye Colour: brown
Genotype: ee Aa nD Rr nRb ff

Rider: Linda Carr
Discipline: Cross Country (later on)

------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: Starter
------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: WChS Tazir
------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: Starter
------------------------------ SDD: unknown

------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: Starter
------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: FAE Do It For Baltimore
------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: Starter
------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Different from her mother Sevi isn't afraid of getting dirty. She inherited the willpower and intrepidity from her father but also likes acting like a little princess sometimes. If her rider wants her to do anything she doesn't want to do he has a new mission in life because this mare is stubborn as hell. But with enough patience of her rider she'll learn - e.g. she hates water but she is not afraid of it anymore. She'll go near the spooky wet thing with whipping tail and ears turned back. 
In the meadow she ignores geldings most of the time. She loves "playing" with other mares - her games are pretty rough. Sevi often comes to blows with Yelyzaveta who still is the big boss... yet. She doesn't like the company of stallions and acts doubtfully in their presence. Nevertheless she seems to have a special attraction - every stallion gazes after her when she prances by.


1. :bulletwhite: unfinished (free slot) | reserved for Zephyriee with XY 
2. :bulletred: | closed
3. :bulletred: | closed

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Zlesdin - Zlesdin Points

Bullet; White Registration: +1

Bullet; White Boodline:
- sire known +5
- dam known +1

Bullet; White Show Entries:
Rocking it the young way +5

Bullet; White Show Placing:

Bullet; White Training/other Images:

Bullet; White Art by others:
Horse Design by Zephyriee +1

Total: 13 ZP = Zayus


ZSG Grading Rosette by Zoubstance


ZM0088 by Zoubstance


Reference | traced | Akhal teke foal stock 3 by LadyAyslinn
Background | no reference used | no textures used
Zlesdin by Zoubstance | Design by Zephyriee
Tools: FireAlpaca, Photoshop CC, Wacom Intuos Pen
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Can I get a breeding as she is so purty