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CAS Benekli Ayol

Stable Name: Central Autumn Stud
Name: CAS Benekli Ayol
Nickname: Ayol
ID: ZM0114
Import Design
Breed: Zlesdin
Gender: mare
Age: 9 years
Height: 169 cm

Color: Dark Bay Sabino
Markings: irregular blaze, lip marking, irregular (high) stockings on BL and BR
Eye Colour: brown
Genotype: Ee Aa nSb
Breeding Status: :bulletred: closed

Main Rider: Linda Carr
Discipline: Show Jumping, Cross Country
Tack Design

Ayol is the epitome of relaxed and fearless. As long as there's no snow around. David imported Ayol from Turkey and the mare didn't know snow. Her first winter at CAS revealed her worst fear. Apart from that Ayol is willing to work and loves to jump. With her old owner she won various tournaments in Turkey. She doesn't like trailers though and it's easier to get Nikolaj on a horse's back than Ayol in a trailer. The mare has her pecularities but with humans around she is a true sweetheart. She loves cuddling and is very easy to handle. Naturally her relationship with Yely could be described as "complicated". Sometimes they're seen grazing next to each other and a few moments later Ayol is leaving the spot because Yely decided she hates her companion now. 


------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: Starter
------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------ SSD: unknown

------------------------------ SSD: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Dam: Starter
------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------ SSD: unknown


Breeding:  Bullet; Red closed | Bullet; Green open | Bullet; White ask
1. chelissima with CAS Sagadir Merosi | CAS Jang Ruh
2. Zakeido with CAS Sagadir Merosi | RBS Axaltir
3. :bulletred:


Zlesdin - Zlesdin Points

Registration: +1
- fullbody reference +3


CAS Jang Ruh -> Zayus +2
RBS Axaltir -> Dimer +1

Show Entries:
Rock around the Clock +5 | 2nd +3
Bling for the Win +5 | extra +2
[fullbody +5, halfbody +3 | 1st +5, 2nd +3, 3rd +2]

Training/Other Images:
CAS' Indoor Hall +3
[fullbody +3, halfbody +2]

Pictures from Others:
Within Lights and Shadows -Commission- by Syxil +1
.: Somewhere In Nowhere :. by Sharelia +1
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! by Qwertylein +1
Hubertusjagten - Magasindammen by Zoubstance +1
Zlesdin Breeding by Zakeido +1
[pictures drawn by other users +1]
Total: 30 ZP
Rank: Fleder [26-45 ZP]


Reference | traced | provided by Anidi
Background | no reference used | grass and wood plank texture by
Template | head by Mistyhills | fullbody by Weidenhof | skill template by EscyKane | paper texture by
Zlesdin by Zoubstance | Design by Zoubstance
Tools | Photoshop CC, Wacom Intuos Pen
Image size
2756x2075px 5.77 MB
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How much is a breeding to this beauty? Would you possibly take art? :D