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Foal Reference | SPM Sagadir Merosi



Adult Reference: SPM Sagadir Merosi by Sugarpill-Mountain

 Sugarpill-Mountain Stable
ID: ZS0063
Name: SPM Sagadir Merosi
Meaning: Heir of Sagadir
Nickname: Josi
Breed: Zlesdin 
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6 months
Hight: becomes 170 cm

Color: Black Sabino Rabicano
Markings: big snip, lip marking, white marking on the neck-area, stockings on BR and BL, rabicano markings, raccoon tail
Specials: -
Genotype: EE/aa/nSb/nRb
Right Side

Discipline: not decided yet

------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: Starter
------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: ZS Sagadir
------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: Starter
------------------------------ SDD: unknown

------------------------------ DSS: Starter
----------------- DS: FAE Final Masquerade
------------------------------ DSD: Starter
Dam: SPM Suzuvchi Quyosh
------------------------------ DDS: Starter
----------------- DD: SPM Yelyzaveta
------------------------------ DDD: Starter

Breeding: Bullet; Red [x] Bullet; Green [ ] 
Open for 40 Points  or one picture of him. Breeding pic is necessary.
Breeding only with pure Zlesdin-Horses.


A very loud and spirited stallion. He is a lot like his parents and loves to get attention. Although he loves cuddling and is calm next to humans as long as he gets their full attention. If not he can be a real pain in the a** but you can calm him down with apple-cookies. He simply loves them. 


Zlesdin - Zlesdin Points

Bullet; White Registration: +1

Bullet; White Boodline:
- sire known +8
- dam known +2
- DS known +1
- DD known +1

Bullet; White Show Entries:

Bullet; White Show Placing:

Bullet; White Training/other Images:
Dedication to Mother's Day +3

Bullet; White Art by others:

Total: 16 ZP = Zayus

Reference (traced) | by :iconcalyhoney:

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Oh, he is absolutely precious! ;U;   What a handsome young man; he really inherited the best of both his parents :heart:   ...including his personality, hahaa. I absolutely see what you mean about him being spirited, he ^^ 
His design is 100% awesome; great work on it! He absolutely looks like a guy who knows exactly how handsome he is :giggle: