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...Oh hey, didn't notice you there. Wow been a while since I touched this place hasn't it? Let's try and update with my current situation.

Um, still doing my degree course at uni, no problems there. Still have asthma. Still not accomplishing anything. So yeah even though I haven't updated here properly for ages NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Yessssssss.

Okay, for all you long time admirers (read: no one). I have cleaned up my gallery. Gone are the rubbish works and crappy fanart junk. Just left the odds and ends I wanted to, even if some of them are a bit lame, I wouldn't want to just throw my past away completely, I'm sentimental like that.

PRESENT DAY: I'm busy sucked up in uni work and enjoying my time with certain people in the studio at uni. All's good.

ALSO, webcomic project went down the drain, past projects have exploded into nothingness.

FUTURE: Webcomic reboot. W.H.I.S.P.A. will be re-booted as soon as I can manage it. The others will be in due time when I can work out how to manage them.

ALSO, That ill-fated graphic novel side project The Aidan Adventures. It's in progress but I'm not willing to make it public until it's finished. Trust me though: I will get it done, I have put too much effort into it to abandon it.

In short: Stuff will be done when I get time and I stop watching Neon Genesis Evangelion.


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Gonna swipe this from Susan, maybe this will cheer me up a bit.

Ten things you're grateful for

1. Friends 1st rule I live by: Always remember your friends. I don't really have so much of a special connection with anyone that I would give them a number to themselves, and I don't like to pick favourites. Basically I will always put my friends first, because I really enjoy seeing people I care about happy. I know that these people probably don't realise how much they mean to me, but I hope one day I'll be able to show them. For now though, I'm happy just spending time with them in any way I can. Though I will give special mention to Mark and Tom, who each hold a special place in my heart, and who I respect and appreciate more than anyone else in the world.

2. Ketchup Yeah everything tastes better with ketchup/tomato sauce. Without it, chips/potatoes, sandwiches, cheese, and loads of other crap just wouldn't be worth eating.

3. Music I only ever started listening to music when I was 14. Never sort of connected with any music until I was 16, when I came across Toto, who totally changed my life forever with their all encompassing music touching on matters of the heart and a generally fun sound. Rush and Genesis also really connect with me and I just enjoy listening to them.  I suffer in silence far too often, music sorta helps me find a voice.

4. Maths There's something so comfortable about maths. I'm so terrible at it, but feels right somehow.

5. Internets Being someone who doesn't get out much, the ineternet has always been there to help broaden my view of the world. Also, met some really nice people via the internet, who I never would have met aywhere else.

6. Hair My hair makes me feel I have some sort of idenitity, and I like that.

7. Ice cream Best anti-depressant I know. Tastes good too.

8. Cool summers breeze Just that little wind that cools you right down on a warm day, and runs right through your hair, making you realsie how truely alive you are...That's beauty right there.

9. Weetabix Let's face it, breakfast isn't breakfast without them.

10. Randomness Nothing like shaking things up a bit from time to time.

...Wow, that took bloody forever.
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Funny fact: I've been putting off updating this thing for about 4 months. Laaaaaaazy.

I've been thinking lately about stuff (How precise). I noticed how nice it to have a second chance at things. Being someone who never gets things right the first time, having another stab at things is quite important, as well as having the opportunity to try and fix the mistakes you made the first time. Obviously you can't fix everything, but it's still important to try.

Hm. Anyway, no new deviations yet. Busy with College stuff, which is significantly important. Uni interview on the 9th April too. I'm applying for a Fine Art course at Staffordshire University. Hopefully that will go well. I'm working on a small project that you may see in the summer if I get it done.

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4000 pageviews. o.o I should do some more artwork.

Expect bigger journal update (which will include details on upcoming projects) in about 2 weeks.
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Seeing as I could do with writing a new journal, let's write about this:

I started College on Monday, if you don't know (you don't), I'm doing a foundation course for art and design. Just a one year course so I can probably improve on my very limited skills in art, and to have a better chance of getting into uni.

So anyway, the course. 28 hours a week doing a single subject seems rather hefty, but I get Wednesdays off, so it's not all bad. But getting up at 7am three days a week = bad times.

Oh hey look I've already run out of steam. Got some drawing I need to get around to and uploading, but not sure when that will be.
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This probably doesn't concern any of you. But it concerns me significantly, so here we go~

August 1997, I had just moved house, I was starting a new school in September, so it was all change for me. During that month of having no friends, not knowing the area where I was. I drew a 2 page comic story starring a certain Comet Squirrel, and his friend "Cyber" the Bee, who battled a rather nasty crocodile named Grimby.

Now, I'd drew a lot of comic strips before, some fan-comics, others more original, but this was different, something about this squirrel really stuck...and stick they did. For other the next ten years, I continued drawing Comet Squirrel in many different forms, with lots of different friends, lots of different enemies, and of course, a fish who was hellbent on anarchy and the destruction of pretty much everything. Many of them have come and gone, but the core character Comet Squirrel and his friend Bramble the Bee, and the core idea of the universe always persevered. Now in 2007, Comet Squirrel has been starring in his own webcomic for three years now, along with his friends Bramble, Tex, Nick, kacey and Rick (he's not so friendly but whatever), I've worked on creating many new characters and universes over those ten years, but Comet Squirrel has always come back somehow.

I searched through my archive folders earlier, and managed to find the original comic I drew for Comet Squirrel (no, I'm not uploading it), obviously it wouldn't make much sense to anyone but me (I can barely read it myself), but it's in good shape for a 10 year old peice of paper, and I'm glad I kept it, as the Comet Squirrel universe is special to me, and seeing where it all started when I was nine years old is something special, and I hope I can continue creating new and exciting stories and characters for the Comet Squirrel universe for another ten years and more.


Right, now that's over, we are indeed celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Comet Squirrel universe, and to celebrate, you'll hopefully be seeing lots of deviations over the coming August dedicated to the characters and world of Comet Squirrel over it's 10 years, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. (though I doubt anyone could enjoy it as me).
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Now that school is over, I can get down to some dA updates. Three updates today, one of which has been unfinished for months. There are still plenty of pictures i need to do, so expect more updates over the summer, including new dA ID (Yes I know I've promised to update this since forever), a special anniversary, and maybe a preview to a new project I'm working on.

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4 new deviations today. They're all ones I just haven't been bothered to finish for the past month. Next I'll probably do a new dA ID. But hey, exams are looming so it's hard to tell when I'll do anything else. Late June probably.

Watch this space etc.
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I have no idea what I'm doing.

Err, anyway no artwork yet, I can't decide what do for my new dA ID yet. There's a comic strip that needs colouring, but seriously, I need to do a lot of revision for my maths exams which are in early June, after that though, I will start on the awesome art event that I will still not disclose until that time. It'll be good though.

Time to fill some more space, so I'm stealing one of the quizes from Trudi's journal. Go me.

10 things people wouldn't know by looking at you:
01. I'm smarter than I look
02. I'm stronger than I look
03. I am devilishly cunning
04. I can mostly read your moves
05. I'm thinking more than I'm saying
06. I'm faster than I look
07. Though I'm lazy, I'm determined or stubborn depending on your outlook
08. I enjoy some company, just not lots of it
09. I'm not enjoying speaking to you
10. Can't think of a 10th one, what you see is what you get: Just plain old me.

Nine Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
01. Own my own house
02. Learn to play bass/keyboard
03. Have a fun job
04. Meet up with my mates and ROADTRIP
05. Finish my three comic strips tidely
06. Experience zero gravity
07. Play in a wind tunnel
08. Actually get into uni
09. See Toto in concert

Eight Things You Say Everyday:
01. Smooth
02. Ugh
03. TOTO!
04. Rock on
05. Hmm
06. heheh
07. bloody [insert almost anything]
08. Legend
(I mostly say these things to myself)

Seven Things You Hate:
01. Onions
02. Not being good at maths
03. CCTV
04. This computer (128MB of RAM!)
05. lack of money limiting me so much
06. Summer heat
07. Bugs

Six Things You Love:
01. Toto
02. Bread
03. Brown sauce
04. Friends
05. Wind
06. Myself (If you can't love yourself, who can you love?)

Five People You Look Up To:
01. Noone, I can inspire myself.

Four Places You Want To Visit:
01. London
02. Bristol
03. Kent (Dunno why)
04. New York

Three Things You Could Do Without:
01. My Dad moaning
02. Needing money to achieve things
03. Things being complicated

Two Things You Never Want To Do:
01. Smoke
02. Get stuck in a dead end job

One Person Who Has Changed Your Life For The Better:
01. A friend of mine named Sam
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  • Drinking: Orange squash
Okay, I'll work on doing something for dA soon. Upcoming works include:

*An important Public service Announcement

* A brand spanking new dA ID

Uh...I have nothing else, so in a lame attempt to fill some space. QUESTION TIME! :D


Name: Dane
D.O.B.: 21/10/87
Orientation: Straight, but this is irrelevant due to my lack of hormones.
Strengths: Uhhh...invisibilty/sneaking about
Weaknesses: Onions, Needles, Dust, Smoke
Favourite colour: Blue/pink (blue moreso)
Favourite band: Toto
Favourite weather: Weather that just warm enough to appreciate a cool summers breeze
Favourite time of day: The dead of night because everything is so quiet.
Do you drink? No.
Do you smoke? No, smoking would cause my lungs to be even more fragile than they already are.
Do you have any fears? Needles. I can't stand even looking at them.
are you too sexy for your shirt? This shirt is particularly sexy, so no.

Right that's it. Shoo.
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  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas
I hate Februarys. They're so cold and cold causes me to get chest infections and that causes my lungs to almost completely shut down. Not good.

Can't be sure what to update dA with next. There's something very special I'm going to be doing in the summer, but that's going to be a suprise.

Also watching Supernatural. Good to see something decent on TV, even if it is on the ill-fated ITV2 (Which I don't have, so I'll just torrent it) watching it makes want to draw supernatural inspired stuff...

As always you can still check out my webcomics if you want to check out my latest artwork. Laters.
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  • Playing: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)
2007 eh? What magical mishaps and adentures will unfold this year? One things for sure, I have no clue.

I'm stuck at what to draw next aside from my webcomics, which are running smoothly. I'm also looking for a graphics tablet, so that might come in handy for future drawings, but right now I must revise for my C3 exam on the 18th of January, and must be sure not to fail. Maybe I'll do something after then.

EDIT: I have something I've decided to draw, it will be awesome, but will take a while.
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  • Playing: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Yeah, I can't think of a decent journal title.

Anyway, I figured I'd update this thing, seeing as the last one was written in last April.

Alright, I don't have any artwork at the moment, my webcomic always takes priority over dA as I've said a thousand times before. Go and look at it if you want a taster of my current artwork:

Also, I'm currently busy preparing my university application, as I'm looking to take a course in animation and as such I'm trying to get a portfolio together. Shame I don't think much of my current stuff deserves a place in there. Oh well, I'll just dig out a few comic strips and stick them in there. Easily done.

Let's see...what else can I cram in here...Oh, I brought a 360 last week along with Oblivion, Perfect dark Zero, Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Project Gotham Racing 3 and enjoying them all thoroughly, I probably sholdn't splash out on things while I have no income, but whatever. I also have a Wii on pre-order, which is nice.

Schoolwise I'm only doing Maths A2, but it still keeps me pre-occupied loads, maybe this is because I am absolutely terrible at maths, but I enjoy it anyway so I don't let it bother me.

Alright, I'm outta steam, and I feel the need to air guitar to "broken wings". Laters.
UPDATE: 09/10/06 - Still busy with maths. I think I still have something that's half done. But it'll still be a while.


Dane's "To-do" list (Last update: 28/06/06)

Miscellaneous artwork

-Bob-omb on the highway - Not started yet.
-StC Collage - Not started yet.
-Badnik attack - Not started yet.
-Bohemian Crapsody - Not started yet.
-TT squares - 50% complete

Tales Of Symphonia: Skits reanimated project

-Ymir Fruit - Not started.
-Kendama competition - Not started.

Short Stories

-Hunt for the Hydra - Started writing (5% complete)

  • Listening to: Telstar ~ The Tornados
  • Watching: Pokémon Season 2
  • Playing: Pokémon Emerald
I suppose I might as well give an update to say what's going on with my art stuff, somebody out there is probably interested.

Anyway, one new piece uploaded at time of writing, I currently have about four/five pieces of artwork that need to be coloured and I'll upload them as soon as they're done.

Also I've got an idea for a little project, I might use some of the skits from Tales of Symphonia and draw them out in a comic book style, I can't start on it yet, but it's just a pipeline idea that I'll work on later, I've still got three webcomics to work on too y'know, and then there's this never ending pile of homework that needs doing.

Anyway, I can't rant on forever. Laters.

It's nearly 2AM, I'm bored, time to answer some questions...


1] What is your screen name?
One Tru Blu, Blu Shadow

2] How did you get the name?
Tru and Blu rhyme, One was for added effect =O

3] Do you use PC or Mac?

4] What software you use most often?
Internet Explorer, Paint Shop Pro 8

5] Do you use mouse, or tablet?

6] The color you use most often is?
Probably Blue

7] What area of the pictures do you put most effort into?
Faces/ clothes

8] How long does it take you do draw a picture?
5 minutes - an hour

9] Do you keep your rough drafts?
I keep everything I draw. o.o

10] What kind of font do you use most often?
Comic Sans MS

11] What's the dpi when you scan?

12] Do you do anything else when you're drawing pictures?
Listen to music,

13] How many pictures do you draw in a month?
Between five - ten.

14] What kind of paper do you draw your pictures on?
Usually A4 plain.

16] How long does it take to ink something?
Five to fifteen minutes.

17] Do you do doujinshi or original manga?

18] Do you like doujinshi? Is it fun making it?
I dunno what it is. o.o

19] Ever submitted anything to a magazine?

20] Did it get published?
*See above*

21] Who are your favorite artists?
Hard to say.

22] What's your favourite Anime?
Pokemon (Not Advanced generation so much), Digimon (Adventures 01 & 02 only, Tamers sucked.), Cardcaptor Sakura (Sakura + Li = NO.), Sonic X (To an extent.)

23] Favourite Character?
Brock (Pokemon), Izzy & Tentomon (Digimon Adventures), Li Sharon (Cardcaptor Sakura), Tanaka (Sonic X)

24] Any artists that you'd like to draw like?
Nah, I go my own way. I tend to be drawing anime-ish nowadays though. o.o

25] Do you buy books a lot?
Gaming magazines occasionally, books never.

26] Did you ever buy a book to inspire you to draw?

27] Any video games you enjoy?
Tales of Symphonia, Sonic Adventure, Mario Kart...There's too bloody many.

28] Any favourite characters from video games?
Sonic the Hedgehog, Link, Kirby, Wario.

29] Do you have a favourite writer?

30] Any books you really enjoy?
Na, hardly ever read.

31] Do you write fanfics?
FAnfics = No, short stories/novels = Maybe.

32] Any music that you often listen to while drawing?
Anime music/Ska

33] Any recommended songs?
Not really.

34] Any websites that you totally admire?

35] Do you have any sites you go to everyday?
Messageboards, webcomics, dA, nothing too special.

36] What is your dream site like?
No pop-ups, lots of music & Anime epsiodes, FAST. o.o

37] Do you like your own art?

38] What do you enjoy watching on TV?
Dead ringers, 2DTV, nthe news, mostly comedy though, TV is really shit these days.

39] Favourite celebrity?
Celebs make me want to kill.

40] Favourite color?
Blue and pink, so I suppose purple's pretty groovy too.

41] Favourite food?
Chip butty, garlic bread, cookies, it's all good.

42] Favourite drink
Orange Squash & Milk.

43] Any places you like to shop at?
Apart from Gamestation, no, I hate shopping, it's too...public.

44] Can you cook?
I can spread butter on bread...

45] Any programs you use often for email? Any electronic pets?
Never use E-Mail, but I would prob use IE for it.

46] Are you a computer expert?
Na. I know a bit, but nothing too special.

47] Want to become a professional artist?

48] Any other jobs you're interested in, besides a professional artist?
Working with art in comic books is the only job I'd like to do idealy.

49] Any other specialities besides drawing?
I'm a calm person, you'll never see me get angry, I have an intresting sense of wit, and people tend to like my sense of humour.

50] Do you like to watch movies?

51] What's your favourite movies?
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker.

52] Have you ever entered art contests?

53] When did you start drawing seriously?
When I was about 10. o.o

54] Anything that you often use as a reference when you draw?
If I have an existing picture of whatever I'm drawing that I drew, I might use that.

55] Have you met any of your fans online?
I don't think I have any fans...If I do, god help them. o.O

56] You have a lot of pen pals?

57] You have a lot of friends that draw?
Yeh, a couple

58] What time do you usually go online?
When I come in from school - 10-Midnight, Weekends and holidays

12PM-Whenever I go to bed (About 2-3AM)

59] Do you like to go to chat rooms?
Only the one.

60] Do you have your own computer?

61] What would you say to the person you admire?
I wouldn't. I'm shy around people like that.

62] Do you think of things when you draw?
I always think of things. That's why I can't get to sleep at night, too much stuff on my mind.

63] Have you drawn badly because you think too much?
Nah, I've gotten used to it.

64] Do you have any friends who are professionals?
One friend is an official anime artist, apart from that, nada.

65] Where do you often hang out?
School. >_>

66] Do you have any artists that you don't like too much?

67] Situations in which you really don't like being online?
1 on 1 convos, flamers and n00bs being themselves: total arseholes.

68] Situations in which you hate when it comes to having websites?
When you run out of ideas/Nobody visits ;_;

69] Something that makes you really glad that the internet exists?
Giving me people to talk to.

70] What about things that make you NOT glad that the internet exists?
Go up three Qs...

71]What's the first picture you've ever shown to the public online?
I really can't remember

72] Do you still have that?
Probably in my dA gallery somewhere...

73] Has your drawing style changed a lot?
Yes, rather a lot over the past 2 years.

74] How does it usually change?
I get influenced by other peoples art usually, right now, my art is becoming steadily more anime-like.

75] Have you experienced artists block before?
Hell yeh.

76] How did you escape from it?
Ignore it, hopefully you'll think of something later.

77] What happens when you have artists block?
Ignore it.

78] Any artists that have influenced you a lot?
...Didn't we already have this question? o.o If not: No.

79] What made you start drawing?
Blame Sonic the Hedgehog.

80] What made you want to get a website?
I needed somewhere to put stuff. o.o

81] Where did your site name come from?
I dunno.

82] What do you think about net manners?
Gotta be respectful, we're all real people y'know.

83] Have you ever been spammed?
As long as I'm on the internet, I will be spammed.

84] Ever thought about quitting your webpage?
Nope, I need somewhere to put my stuff, and exhibit my art!

85] If so, why?

86] About how much KB is each picture?
I dunno, I tend to limit myself to 200KB when JPG compressing.

87] When creating your site, do you use a program or pure html?
HTML, I don't know any other way. o.o

88] Do you have good eyesite?
Yeh, pretty good.

89] If you can get any person's autograph, who's would you get?

90] What would you say to that artist when he/she autographs for you?

91] Do you have fans of your art?
If I do, they need help. o_O

92] Do you like to draw on oekaki bbs?
Once, didn't really enjoy it.

93] Are you good at art in school?
When I did art, I wasn't particulary good, me and my two friends just messed about, made funny noises, and sang theme songs (Most meorable being the herbal essences advert: "She's got the uuuuuurge for herbal!" o.o)

94] Did you take art lessons other than from school?

95] Have you drawn a manga?
Couldn't even if I wanted to.

96] What's your favourite phrase/quote?
"That's not the word I'm thinking of..."

97] Do you think your personality is different externally and internally?
Oh yes. Outside I'm crazy, and fun loving, inside, I'm an emotional wreck, an unstable thinker, and a depressed individual.

98] What's your goal now?
Try and find some joy from life.

99] What do you have to say to yourself?
Work harder, foo'.

100] Lastly, what do you have to say to everyone?
You can do anything if you believe!


well, there you go. Now you know a bit more about me. Woo.

Anyway, I'm working on a couple of art at the mo'. Won't spoil the surprise, but I'm going to have a lot of fun drawing these. ^_^

So yeh, laters.  Whee.
Yeh, I'm back. Got most of my schoolwork out of the way, and managed to sort out my life to an extent where it's somewhat tolerable again.

Anyway, for those of you who actually like my art, I've uploaded some deviations, and a few scraps, and I've got a few more planned for the new year, so stay tuned for that.

I would have done more art recently, but I've been dragged into gaming again, the reason? Tales of Symphonia. The most frickin' awesome game of the year. It is almost flawless, I don't care if you even mildly like RPGs, you will OWN this game and you WILL enjoy it!

Anyway, enjoy your christmas and new year people, I probably won't, christmas feels way too compulsary for me to enjoy anymore, and this whole "pollitically correct" christmas crap thats going around the UK is making me sick, I remember somewhere in the UK, they renamed chrsitmas "Winter fest". What the crap? Is the world really that screwed up we can't enjoy christmas anymore because it's politically incorrect? I'd like to meet the person who though of these stupid ideas, So I could kick him in the nads. HARD.

Anyway, I'm ranting for no particular reason, I'm off.
Yeh, at time of writing, I am now 17 years old. Great eh? Now if I weren't sp lazy and cheap, I could take driving lessons. But being 17 is waaaaay too weird. You can't do all those under 16s only things anymore, yet you're still a year away from being an adult of some sort.

Anyway, I've put a new picture up, and I'll add a few more scraps sometime during the next week or two. As it's half term, and there's always time for drawing in half term.

So yeh, Laters.
Wow. Back at school after about 10 weeks off. It's gonna be hard getting used to life in the sixth form.

For those of you that don't know, sixth form is an equivilant of college in the UK. Instead of going to college, you simply stop on at school into year 12 and 13 for A and AS levels.

It's certainly different from the rtegular school day. Go out of school when you don't have a lesson, no uniform, smaller classes. And this crazy new government scheme that pays me to go to school. Madness. The Eductaional Maintenance Allowance (EMA for short will give me £30 directly into my bank account as long as I turn up to school every day and I'm a good little student. I don't suppose I can complain...

Anyway. Art. I've added a few more scraps so go and snoop around for those if you wish to. A few new deviations I'm in the middle of doing will soon be done and I'll put them up when they're done.

Supposedly, I'm getting about 2-3 hours a week of homework from each subject, and as I'm doing 4 subjects, I dunno how much time I'll have left for art, and my webcomic.

Let's wait and see, eh?

So what do I have planned this summer? I've got a few pictures I'm ready to draw when I get a break from my webcomic. I've got a few issues drawn ahead so I'll get around to those soon. But you'll have to look at the webcomic for the moment if you want to look at my most recent art. Where's the link to the comic you say? look at the top of my dA page.

UPDATE: added a few scraps so go and have a look at them if you want, there good. Well, at least I think so...

Ah, good, I'm back. One new picture added and a few sraps, since it was about time I've done something with my dA page. Go lookie.