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Art Portion!

Entries need to be submitted here!

Part Two


Entries MUST use at least THREE resources the stock sections  HERE

You are permitted to use other stock providing you follow the rules and credit all sources.

Entries can be any form of VISUAL art.

Entries must stick to the under the sea theme, this is open to interpretation however if it is not obvious please describe why the piece fits the theme in the description.

Entries need to state in their description that they are for this contest.

Entries should be uploaded to the correct galleries.

Entries MUST credit their resources correctly.

Entries are unlimited, however go for quality over quantity.

Entries can be submitted from 30th JULY 2011 until  30th SEPTEMBER 2011

Can you help?

If you can, pimping this contest would be fantastic. Or you could enter it for a chance to score a stack of devpoints! YAY for devpoints :dance:

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Help with what? Prizes?