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Hello and Welcome again to *one-stop-stock’s Bi Weekly Newsletter
First off i would like to thank everyone who has joined lately its really taking off :hug:

Our main aim is pimpage for stock and resources! So sit back and have a look at the lovely selection of featured work, and useful stock relates information we have compiled for you this week. (Please remember the themes are open to members only, so if you would like to join in, drop by and join the club :D )

:bulletpurple: AR stock update…
The AR stock update provided by our Stock GD LawrenceDeDark Is a must read for any and i repeat ANY stock artist. Its full of great updates on whats going on in the stock community! So pop on over there and have a read also :)

:bulletpurple: CHAT
one stop stock now has an official chatroom where you can come and hang about, talk stocky goodness, swap ideas and thoughts, meet the admin and other members and give suggestions and ideas. Everyone is free to come along and have a chat, you can find us at :#stockplayground: . Whenever one of the admin is online, you can find them here. feel free to thumb share your stock with us. Also if you have any questions or need some advice your more then welcome to ask us. at a latter stage we will set up specific thumb share and critic times and some fun hours along the way

:bulletpurple: This Months Theme
The theme for the month of January is ADDICTION This can be from the obvious drug/alcohol addiction, to chocolate or love or even socks :giggle: So long as your image shows in an obvious way the theme of addiction it can be accepted.. When you have done a piece relating to the theme (and it must be a new piece, not something you have already in your gallery) send a link in a note titled "monthly theme" and we will display it here until the end of the month. All images for the monthly theme will be uploaded into the gallery at the end of the month, and one will be picked to be our featured deviation for the following month.

:bulletpurple: Member Of The Month
faestock :iconfaestock: has been providing high quality fabulous stock for the deviantart community for quite a while, her gallery is full of neat images just waiting to be used, don't disappoint yourself and check it out today! :D

:thumb73244612: :thumb71080146: :thumb69780133:
Also as an extra bonus with the featured artist if you use any of the images that we have featured in our journal here… we will also feature your creations along side it :) Just leave us a comment or note us with the link.

:bulletpurple: Support Stamps
Support Stock Community by GreenEyezz-stock   Submit by GoodiesForYou CBW: Stock Provider by createbyweek Stock Support Stamp 002 by TwilightDesigns

:bulletpurple: Featured Contest
:iconbnspyrd: is running a contest called The past Our memories. Open to digital, manipulation, traditional and mixed media.  Lots of great prizes up for grabs so go check it out :D inspyretash-stock.deviantart.c…

:bulletpurple: Helpful Tutorial
Preparing Stock Images for dA by AttempteStock
Good Guide to making your stock look all the more smarter :giggle:

:bulletpurple: DIY
Did you know.

A webcam is NOT designed for stock photography and is also a violation of FAQ #809: What are DeviantArt's stock image guidelines?
and god help you if a pre-menstral UnicornReality gets hold of you

:bulletpurple: Recent stock and resource DD’s
Skydancer-Stock 0905 by skydancer-stock  :thumb55744552:   deio-kamots-stock-nature018 by deio-kamots-stock Lonely Chair by Mind-Matter

:bulletpurple: Features From Members Galleries
  :thumb52197179:   School girl 5 by comfy-bed-stock :thumb41565151:

If anyone has any content they would like added to the fortnightly news article please note us and let us know! Nothing will be denied as we want to pimp as much as possible

Thanks all hope you enjoyed this news article. Cheers!
shelldevil and Helly-stock :hug:
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LawrenceDeDark's avatar
How did I miss this? Nice job and thanks for linking the update.

one-stop-stock's avatar
:lol: the update shall be a permanent fixture to this news letter from now on so every stocker that reads this finds it :lol:
GreenEyezz-stock's avatar
thanks for featuring my stamp! :nod:
one-stop-stock's avatar
welcome its a great stamp :D
Bnspyrd's avatar
Oh wow! Thankyou so much for featuring the memories contest. :glomp:

one-stop-stock's avatar
Mind-Matter's avatar
Wonderful informative article. Thanks for the feature too. :)
one-stop-stock's avatar
thanks and your welcome :)
deio-kamots-stock's avatar
hi! thanks 4 the feature! =D
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