Crew Masters Rules

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Deviation Actions

How can I join to the Crew Masters?
Firstly, it's necessary to understand that a position in the administration requires seriousness and responsibility.
You'll need to be active and participating in all activities of the guild.
Only subscribe if you really intend to help the guild and its growth.
To become a Crew Master, please send us a request stating your reason and why you would like to contribute and help the group.

► Master demands:

- We do not accept new users with less than five months on the DeviantArt site.
- We only accept real One Piece or anime artists.
- The crew will vote and evaluate you, so you need to include a description in your request.

What do I need to know/do?
By joining the administration, you'll accept all deviations sent to the group and it's important not accept the wrong deviations and inform the members about the correct folder.
The highest priority is to keep the group cleaned and organized, so you need to know our rules and the folders descriptions.
All members of the Crew Masters can invite new members, update the group folders, have free access to our journal, help members of the group and have free access to publish all your deviations.

► For any questions, please contact one of the administrators. :)
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