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Oftentimes when someone is introduced to a fandom and they turn out to become big fans of it, the desire to create an Original Character (OC) for the fandom arises. Transformers is no different; but where do you even start? I hope to explore that process in the following step-by-step tutorial. Follow the steps carefully, and you may wish to read them more than once.

Section 1: The Basics 

Building an OC is like building a house; first you need a foundation. So let's begin with the obvious (and maybe not-so-obvious) basics.


Choosing your character's faction is a surprisingly big deal. This will help determine what they transform into, what colour they are, their backstory, and how they act.

Here are the options:
  • Autobot - The "heroes" of the universe, this will make your character part of the good guys.
  • Neutral/Rogue - These guys are neither good nor bad. They might never have gotten involved in the war in the first place, or perhaps defected from one of the factions.
  • Decepticon - The "villains" of the universe, this will make your character part of the bad guys.
  • Other - Some people choose to make up their own factions or groups; this is entirely up to you on where they fit!

Alternate Mode

Your character is going to transform into something; the question is what? This will help to determine what kind of abilities they can or can't have. Be sure to pick an alternate mode that you like; you want to have fun using this character!

Here are your basic options:
  • Flier [aircraft] - Decepticons are usually fliers, and Autobots almost never fly. Neutrals and other groups can go either way.
  • Grounder [any land-based vehicle] - While any faction can have a ground-based alternate mode, these are favoured among Autobots and most Neutrals.
  • Seadog [boat or submarine] - These are rare, and don't really have one set faction that they "belong" with.
  • Techno-Organic [any animal] - These are uncommon, and mean your character is half organic and half Cybertronian.
  • Citybot - These are also rare; these giants turn into actual cities!
  • Planet - The only recorded cases of canon characters that turn into planets are the deities, Primus and Unicron. Using this as an alternate mode is possible, but generally frowned upon as "god-moding," which we'll explore later.
  • None - This doesn't usually happen, but I've seen it here and there. Whether they never chose one or had some kind of defect or damage to the organ that lets Cybertronians transform, something has happened where your OC doesn't have an alternate mode.

Main Function

So now we need to figure out what your character actually does. Do they fight on the front lines? Do they build things? Do they repair the injured and nurture the sick? We can't have them standing around all the time! Most people choose from a basic class first, and then decide what their character does within that class.

These are the main class options:
  • Communications - This can involve spying, information gathering, message carrying to/from other groups and officers, hacking/code breaking, and monitoring communication frequencies.
  • Cyber Ninjas - A mysterious group, the ninjas (for example, TFA Prowl) specialize in hand-to-hand combat and often find a fascination with nature and the world around them.
  • Engineers - These guys build things. Whether it's creating weapons and gadgets, repairing ships and machinery, or just plain old construction work, that's their job.
  • Seekers - Seekers take flying to a whole new level. Kings and queens of the sky, they are an elite team of fliers in the Decepticon army whose expertise lie in aerial and long-range fighting.
  • Front-liners -These guys are tough warriors that no army could do without. Relying on physical strength and a good defense, they are the definition of foot-soldiers and are found right up there on the battlefield.
  • Guardians - This is almost purely defense. They are the guards and watchmen of the bases, keeping an eye out for enemies back home while the others are out fighting.
  • Medics - Without the medics, an army is virtually useless. Medics have a vital job in the army: repairing their injured or broken comrades.
  • ScientistsThe nerds of the bunch, scientists are masters of chemistry, biology, viruses, mathematics, and other science-y things. There is a very broad range of fields for these guys to go into; if you want diversity, go see them!
  • TacticiansThese guys choose both brains and brawn. The Tacticians' field ranges from battle planning to being a source for information, to actually fighting. Some expand past simple battle expertise and operate as general scholars. 
  • Zealots - If you want crazy, visit the zealots. Often religious-fanatics or berserkers, these aren't the kind of guys you want to mess around with.
  • Other - None of these suit your fancy? Come up with something else! A bartender, merchant, general explorer, commander, whatever you'd like.

Colour Scheme

Now your character is going to need some colours!
Things to think about when choosing your colour scheme;
  • Number - How many colours are you going to have on your character? The average number is usually between 3 to 7 different colours on a single character. If you make them all one colour, they're going to look a little boring. Too may colours, and they start to look like a clown. One exception to that is a camouflage pattern - then you can get away with having a lot of them.
  • Function - Yes, function is important here too. It's good to pick colours- if you can- that reflect your character's abilities. For example, medics look great in white, reds, and/or blues. Speedy characters tend to have a dark colour and a bright colour (Bumblebee's black and yellow, for one). Fliers tend to be bright and flashy, and engineers tend to be quite dull.
  • Alternate mode - That's right, alternate modes contribute to colour as well. If your character turns into a police car, they're probably going to be black and white. If they turn into an ambulance, they will probably be white and red. Military vehicles look best in shades of grey and darker, duller greens, while other vehicles can be pretty much any colour imaginable.
  • Optics - You want to think about what colour their optics are too, you know! Decepticons have warm-coloured optics ranging from deep red to bright yellow. Autobots have cool-coloured optics, usually shades of blue but green is not unheard of. Neutrals are commonly known to have optics of virtually any colour. Or your character could be blind, resulting in any shade from white to black.


Some people may choose to give their characters a name first, but I recommend doing it later on. Transformers generally have names comprised of two different words merged into one.

For example:
  • Shock + Wave = Shockwave
  • Sound + Wave = Soundwave
  • Wheel + Jack = Wheeljack
  • Side + Swipe = Sideswipe
  • Lock + Down = Lockdown

And so on and so on. They may also have names that are single words, but sound cool.

For example:
  • Ratchet
  • Perceptor
  • Drift
  • Optimus
  • Swindle
The name you pick for your character should reflect what they can do, or maybe what their alternate mode is. Like how Wasp was named because he was very accurate with his Stinger ability, or how Ironhide was named for having very strong armour. Go wild!

Section 2: Personality 

When choosing a personality for your character, there are many ways to go about it. While some might call my method cheating, I find it to be a more realistic and easy means of describing what your character is like.

Basic Portrait

Myers Briggs is now your best friend. The Myers Briggs indicator is an absolutely brilliant and quite wonderful classification of basic personality portraits, based on a set of four basic traits. While you might be skeptical at first, the accuracy of this indicator may astonish you. Your first step now is to take this test as accurately as you can as it pertains to your new OC, and find out what basic four-letter portrait your character has.

Fleshing Out Your Portrait

All done? Awesome! Your next step is to find out what those letters mean. Out of the sixteen possible combinations listed here, click the one your test result gave you and read it through carefully. If it doesn't sound like your character, go back and take the test again. You may have made a mistake there. If it does, you're on your way to writing out your character's personality!

What you can do now is re-write the portrait you have into your own words, taking out bits here and there that do not apply to your character and adding in bits that do. Make sure to add and delete at least a few things; that's what really makes your character's personality unique!

That wasn't so hard that way, was it? Now get ready, because the tricky part is coming up next.

Section 3: Backstory  

This is likely the most difficult part of making your character. I cannot possibly hope to list everything that could go wrong here; but don't panic! Just take it slow, and make sure to remember a few things. First of all;

Things to Avoid

  • Death of Family - This is a very sensitive issue. While having a family member to your character die isn't an uncommon occurrence, the way that it is done can be a big deal. Having a villain kill your character's parents and/or siblings before their eyes is rather dramatic, and if done incorrectly can lead to accusations of a Mary-Sue.
  • Death of Lovers - This can just plain get uncomfortable. While not an impossible occurrence- especially in wartime, it can lead to problems. One, for the same reasons I suggest avoiding dramatic family deaths; two, for the after-effect. Be careful with how your character reacts to this; constant whining and being set off on a rant about this at the slightest thing gets annoying and uncomfortable very quickly.
  • The Revenge Cliché - The most overused plot device in the history of plots. Though I myself am guilty of using this at least once, it does get very boring. One faction or a character from that faction did something to your character, so now they have to join the other faction to get back at them. Yeah, woohoo. Be creative with how they got where they are!
  • The Orphan - This... can be pathetic, honestly. It often goes with The Revenge Cliché, but not always. The concept that the character was made an orphan by one faction and therefore joined the other for revenge is horribly overused, as is the idea that your poor widdle orphan OC was taken in by a nice guy from one of the factions.
  • The Science Experiment - Another plot to go hand-in-hand with The Revenge Cliché, this is tiring at times. The character is used by one faction as an experiment and escapes to join the other. Woohoo. 
  • Canon Relatives - This is something you really need to be careful doing. Having your character as the child of a canon (a character that is already in the show/comics) is widely frowned upon as getting into being a Mary-Sue. This is because to create a child, there must be parents- and that means a slash pairing (two canon characters together) or an OC and a canon character together (see below). Being siblings with them is getting rather iffy as well. As a general concept, I avoid this altogether; the closest I have ever gotten to this is that one of my OCs might be a distant cousin of Skyquake and Dreadwing.
  • Canon Lovers - This is also a big no-no, especially for beginners. It takes a LOT of work to pull off pairing your character with one that exists in the show; unless you do a lot- and I mean a LOT- of writing and have done so over a long period of time so that you understand the development this kind of thing takes, I do not recommend it.

Things to Include

Backstories are tough not only because you're trying not to make your character a Mary-Sue, but because there's so much to include. How do you give your reader a sense of how your character came to where they are, but not bore them with mind-numbing details so that they forget that they're reading a character profile and not a memoir? Simple; stick to the basics.
  • Family - What was your character's family like? Did they have siblings? Were their parents kind, rough, strict, easy-going, what? Let us know!
  • Childhood - How was the early stages of life? Were they the spoiled only child? The bratty youngest? The responsible oldest? How did they fare in school; were they bullied? Did they move from city to city a lot, or did they stay in one place? Give us a brief summary!
  • Education - Where did they go to school? Did their parents send them off to the Elite Guard Academy, or did they go to a normal school? Did they graduate with honours? Did they graduate at all? Show us their smarts!
  • Career - What job did they have before they got into the military (assuming they did)? Did they like it? Why or why not? They had to make themselves a living somehow (unless of course they were the lonely kid that camped out in their parents' basement)!
  • The War - How did they far as the war effort grew? What faction did they join? Did they stay out of the war as much as possible? Why did they do that? Were they in any significant battles? Show off their military prowess!

Section 4: Skills & Combat  

 What can your character do? What are they good at, and what are they like in battle? This is important to know; especially in wartime!

Weapons & Combat Style

When it comes to war, everyone needs to carry some kind of weapon with them to defend themselves. A good rule of thumb is to pick at least two weapons; a long-range weapon (so they can attack an enemy that's farther away) and a close-range weapon (so they can attack an enemy that jumps in front of them). You can most certainly have more, but not too many; I'd recommend having no more than five different weapons, though there may be multiples of them (for example, one weapon is missiles, but there are three of them). When allowing for multiples of weapons, try not to exceed ten total pieces of weaponry as this begins to get a little extreme. You might be able to skirt around this rule a little with a very big character that turns into something like a large military bomber, but don't go crazy.

When choosing your weapons, be mindful of what kind of character you have. If you've chosen a military vehicle as an alternate mode, research what kind of weapons are attached to them. An aircraft might have several missiles; a ground vehicle might have a machine gun turret. Also keep in mind what your character will be able to carry; where are these weapons going to go? Don't just throw a bunch of weapons on them and say that it works. Let's look at some examples;

Character X: A large, military aircraft. His maximum possible weaponry could include;
  • Three or four missiles in a bomb bay
  • Laser-guided munition (rapid-fire, long-range; stored in secondary weapon bay)
  • Two swords OR rifle OR machine gun/bazooka/rocket launcher (stored on his back)
  • Two handguns at his hips (one on each side)
  • Twin punching daggers OR twin swords OR twin plasma guns (stored in forearms)
  • Daggers OR whip OR lasso OR something else (stored in leg panels)

Character Y: A petite sportscar. Her maximum possible weaponry could include;
  • Two handguns at her hips (one on each side)
  • Two swords OR rifle OR machine gun/bazooka/rocket launcher (stored on her back)
  • Twin punching daggers OR twin swords OR twin plasma guns (stored in forearms)
  • Daggers OR whip OR lasso OR something else (stored in leg panels)

The examples above are going a bit over the top in terms of weaponry and do not have to be multiples, but you can get an idea of where some of these weapons might be and how much a single Cybertronian could carry at maximum. I've chosen not to include "natural weapons" such as fangs and claws (if they have them), because I don't think those count to the "number of weapons" rules.

Something that goes right along with their weapons is their fighting style. Not everyone fights the same way! If you gave your character a pair of swords to stick on their back (katanas, perhaps), maybe they fight in similar fashion to one of the older Chinese or Japanese styles. A character with a long, slim sword might choose an elegant fencing style, while one with a larger, bulkier sword might go with the rough slash-and-stab style. If they are equipped with a rifle, perhaps they fight like a sniper; striking down their enemies from afar with deadly accuracy. A machine gun might indicate a rougher, more reckless combat style. Think about how they use their weapons, rather than just slapping some on them!

Skills & Abilities

What else can your character do? Outside of brute battle, your OC probably has other skills to pass the time with. There are hundreds- of not thousands- of abilities to choose from, so be creative!

However, when choosing skills be mindful of your character's age and occupation. Some things take a certain amount of time to learn, and even longer to master, so don't choose something that they haven't had the time to get good at and call it a skill of theirs. Their occupation might help here too; a medic might have dexterous fingers, for example, which are good for a variety of things such as piano-playing, knitting, tying knots, and so on.

Fears & Weaknesses

Where there is strength, there is also weakness. No character is invincible; even Unicron had at least one weakness.
It is important to balance your character's faults and strengths. Too strong of a character, and you get more accusations of god-moding and Mary-Sue-ism. Too weak of a character, and they start to get boring. What I do to avoid this is for every strength my character has, I give them a fear or weakness. The cooler/better/stronger the skill is, the worse the weakness is to match.

And when giving them fears and weaknesses, be realistic. Don't make it some obscure thing that will likely never be found, like a trinket lost on a faraway planet. Look at things that you, friends, and family members are afraid of and apply them to your characters, or look up common phobias on your favourite search engine. Also think about their age; an old character might have back or joint problems, for example, while a very young character might be overly confident or reckless. Also think about your character's personality when choosing things they might be scared of; a solitary character might fear large crowds, for example.

Section 5: Fun Stuff                                                                                      *[Optional Step]

Now for the fun little tricks and tidbits! There's a bunch of other things that you can add to give your character some extra fun and dimension, but aren't entirely necessary. Of course, I'm sure there's much more than what I have listed here, but this is some of the stuff I like to throw in with my characters.

Basic Information

Age, Creation Date, Protoform, and Holoform are things I like to add to my character profiles under basic information.

As there is controversy as to exactly how old Cybertronians can get and how their ages and the ages of a human match up mathematically, age is something I list as an equivalent (as an example, I might say my character is the human age equivalent of 20 rather than throwing on a bunch of zeros and hoping that it makes sense).

When it comes to picking a Creation Date (birthday) for my characters, I like to line them up with the zodiac sign that sounds most like them. After I pick that, I usually choose a date via RANDOM.ORG to decide exactly what day during the time of that sign they were "born" on.

I also like to talk about their Protoform and Holoform. The Protoform is pretty much the "body" that houses all their internal workings, the thing you find under the armor. All I really mention is what colour(s) it has, and any scars they might have on it. The Holoform is a three-dimensional hologram of the Cybertronian in a human form, which I will either draw or briefly describe.


I'm the kind of person that gets very much into detail with my characters, and I tend to like using lots of math and numbers. I research the statistics of their alternate mode to determine things like height, weight, wingspan (if they have wings), maximum speed, and cruising speed.

Fun Facts

I also like to add fun tidbits of information to their profile, such as Likes, Dislikes, Fun Facts, Theme Songs, and Special Font.

Likes and Dislikes is a pretty straight-forward section. I like to be balanced here; for every like, I add a dislike, but you don't necessarily have to do that. Fun Facts is the section where I put interesting things about the character that don't seem to fit in any other section. Theme Songs is pretty straight-forward as well. Special Font is the font face I think fits them best, and would likely use for speech bubbles if making a comic with them in it.


This includes listing their family, friends, and foes. For their family and best friend, I like to include a brief description on who the mecha in question is and what their relationship is like.


This can be lots of fun to do. I list what accent my character has (if you don't think they have an accent, then if you put this in just list your own nationality) and include a voice actor. If I pick a voice actor, I also list what character they most sound like, as the actor might change what their voice sounds like depending on what character they are acting as. I also like to put in a list of random quotes from my OC, so people can get a sense of how they talk.

Section 6: Final Touches  

Almost done! Your OC's profile is looking pretty snazzy, but now it's time to give it a second look.
Here are some steps to follow to make sure your new OC is just right;
  1. Check your spelling and grammar! Reading it over a second or third time might help you find mistakes that you've missed.
  2. Run your character through the Universal Mary-Sue Litmus Test and refine as needed.
  3. Have a good friend check it over; a second opinion is usually quite helpful!
  4. Check, double check, and triple check! Make sure your OC fits your standards; it's hard to work with your new character if you don't even like them all that much!


Well done, friend; you've made yourself a Transformer of your very own!
Now it's time to take them out into the world to play; whether that's through visual art, writing, or role-playing, get them out there!

If you choose to take your character out for some role-playing, here are some tips for beginners;
  • Read up on this tutorial- Text RP For Beginners- to get a sense of what you'll be getting into and how to approach it.
  • Practice role-playing with a close friend or group of friends to practice, or find another experienced RPer and see if they'll be willing to help you learn (make sure to be polite).
  • Once you've done some practice and feel confident, seek out some groups and chats to further your skills!

Have fun!

Request for bloodbang234.
So normally I don't do requests for strangers, but as a relative of a friend and the request being something that would be beneficial to more than just the requester, I thought for this one I'd make an exception. This is my first tutorial, so it's probably not that great, but... I tried?

Please do not send me any more OCs to look over. I don't check deviantART much anymore, and rarely have the time to review your character for you.

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This has been so helpful in creating my OC Blackrain! Thank you very much for your effort in creating this long tutorial for TF OC creators! :D
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Thank you for making this. I am currently working on a Transformers OC. She is a Predacon, but I am going to try avoiding the Mary Sue route.
Any advice? I really would hate having a Mary Sue character.
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Thanks for this. It's helping me iron out my Transformers OC
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I honestly thought of an autobot oc based off Steeljaw from ROD that came out recently but instead of an off road truck hes a triple changer a wolf form and a halftrack truck mode his personality is that of calm kind yet calculating and wise need to find me an artist what do you think? Oh and hell be mainly white with black markings probably name him Snowclaw or something
AVSManfred Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
Well i had idea for 2 tranfromers characters actually  Jetwing and Airline, even ig the gap of age is quite big between them even for transformers(Jetwing is actually older even than Megatron or Optimus Prime when Airline is more or less about Bumblebee age), they're siblings(was thinking of turning them inot Jetfires relatives, yet not very sure of this idea), ok making this in the way presented up here.

Autobot(formelry Neutral): Jetwing

Alt-mode: F-14 Hornet

Color Scheme: dark green and sand yellow(optics color light green)

Weapons: dual swords and arm-mounted light blasters

Combat-Style: mostly melee fighting based on speed and agility combined with short range shooting

Personality: Calm and sedat during battel, never underestimating his foes, he's always trying to minimaze the looses on his side, what often causes him to take a lone fight so he don't have to care about others(this is his most preferd way of operating, but depite that he's quite decent comander), in social life he is rather introvertic, not talkign much to others, usually trying to be friendly if he alreayd dose so, but willign to use retorts and mean jokes if somebody offends him. Also it's very hard to make him angry, yet if he is angry he becomes very mean and offensve, also this is only state when he's up to make some rash actions(also here goes a small  funny fact when he's talking with female characters, other than his sister Airline he acts in a shy manner, not so shhy to become speachless yet he becomes much less willing to be mean to others, displaying more patienceto offenses than normally)

Function: Seeker-CyberNinja mix

Skills: Can fly in his robot mode(after transformation his wings are set on his back in forming some sort of glider and jet engines becoming parts of his lower legs)

Weaknes: Slow-down attacks, as his combat style is based on speed and agility, when he gets slowed down situation becomes dangerous for him, even then he's smart enought to find a way to defeat his enemies, yet it is way much harder than usual


Airline: His younger sister, he spent a lot of time rising her up and teaching her everything he knows, even if he made sure that she is more able to take care of herself(curently she's as good in combat as he or might be even better) he still displays a lot of care of her sometimes more than needed

Megatron: His nemesis, probqaably he's more willing to kill him than Optimus, as he considers him a traitor, who should be punished with death for all crimes against Cybertron

Optimus Prime: Jetwing knew Optimus back in form of Orion Pax, back then they shared many notions, mostly fact that Opptimus is leader of Autobots convinced Jetwing to join them

Backstory: Well i'll write it later as his and Airline stories are strongly connected


Alt-mode: F-30 Raptor

Color Scheme: white with light orange(was thinkign of light blue or light green but i tihnk this might be better combo also optics color: ultramarine)

Weapons, function and combat style mostly the same as Jetwing(will explain it more in backstory)

Personality: during battle she's also calm and sedat, not as good in comand as her brother but she often likes to splurge with her skills, yet she never let it turn into unnecessary risk, in social life she is storngly extrovertic and hyperactive, she just loves to talk with people, listening to their stories, making new friends and trying new activities to fill her free time.

SkillsL she can also fly in her robot mode(in her case jet engines together with wings are forming a jetpack on her back)

Visusal: Unlike other jetfighter tranfroers she dosne' use planes cockpit as chestplate, instead she's usieng the windshield of it as a headdres partially covering her face

Weaknes: Simillary like Jetwing her fighthing sstyle is also based on speed and agility, and lack of these makes her much weaker.


Jetwing: he was rising her since he andd Jetfire found her, even if she's sometimes annoyed with him taking so much care of her, she actually can barelly imagine how her life woudl look like if not his care, help and training

Ok so now this is going to be long story.

So it all started back at the Cybetron, Jetwing was one of 1st created Battlecons(which later became Decepticons) and a prototype of flying unit, he s very proud of his role as a protector of Cybertron, and he felt very honored tha he can serve as such. some time layter newer Battlecons have been produced yet he remaond as best fighter among them, yet he never asked for promotion to higer ranks, what actually caused  Quintessons who were responsible for Battlecon project to create a unit that could became such comander, Megatron. At the beginign everything seemed fine yet after some time Jetwing found out that Megatron isn't willing to remain loyal to his creators. When Megatron was convincig other Battlecons to rebel agaisnt their masters and claim what belongs to them Jetwing responded to him by challenging him for duel. Even if emgatron was usieng sdirty tricks he wasn't able to defeat Jetwing, and lost this duel. After this Jetwing decided to desert out from the Battlecon squad and became a freelancer. Some time after this Megatron thre out his uprising  and started war with Autobots. For a long time Jetwing remiand neutral warrior, fighting only when he had to, even then as he had no mercy for Decepticons , as he considered them traitors, he was avoiding fight with Autobots, usually fighthing only to escape them, as he still was willing to remain their protector. One day during one of such situations he met Optimus who todl all his allys to lowe their weapons and don't start fight. Recognising in him his old firend Orion Pax, Jetwing decided to follow him oficially join Autobots. Some time later during one missions he found a track of one of the Quintessons who was his creator, following it he has found a capsule with newly created female Battlecon. he also found some logs that she was based of his desing, perfected vertion of warmachine he was prototype of, and last of her kind as the Quintesson who created her was long dead. After she awaken, he decided to take care of her, learning her everything she knows, training her so she might be apeble fo fighting on her own. Doing so he storngly established her moral spine, what made her even more loyal to Autobots cause than he was expecting.

Ok thats all about them i would love to see artworks of them as i'm not good enought in graphics to make such on my own, also wouldn't mind them apearing in someones seires/comic, but not without my agreement.
SomeRandomIceWing Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017
Dinobot: Thrash
Alt-mode: Carnotaurus
Weapon: Battle Axe
Personality: Tries to be nice to fellow autobots, but can only really show his soft and friendly side to the other dinobots. He is usually excruciatingly sarcastic and unhelpful. He is very brutal and excessive on the battlefield, making sure to tear every Decepticon down to the very last wire.
Function: Zealot
Backstory (WFC/FOC): while developing the dinobots, Shockwave started making the perfect Decepticon, "Target-world Organic Life Form Subject 6". 3 Earth days before Grimlock's break-out, the subject was finished. Given an experimental personality chip, void of true Decepticon thoughts, he has been tortured by Shockwave's experiments he felt blessed when Snarl convinced Grimlock to rescue him. "Thrash" was now an Autobot.
XrnophobicMobian Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I did it! 

Decepticon Hacker: Virus

Alt Mode: Stealth Tank

Colors: Black and Red

Personality: Virus enjoys toying with his prey before tearing them to shreds. This makes him very lethal on an emotional level. He's also a mixed bag when it comes to respecting his fellow Decepticons. Some, like Soundwave, he speaks very highly of. Others, like Lugnut, he treats like scrap.

Weapons: For long range, Virus holds an A47 Concussion Cannon, a large tank cannon that fires explosive plasma clusters. He also has a Subsonic Repeater as a sidearm. For melee, Virus loves his Guillotine Sword, a large, cleaver like blade as long as a steel beam.

Skills: Virus is an expert hacker, being able to rip into the most secure Autobot data files. His armor also allows him to be a beast on the battlefield, taking multiple rockets, lasers and bullets.

Fears/Weaknesses: Virus fears the Dinobots due to their massive power, and will not hesitate to turn tail and run away when Grimlock rears his head. His armor is also weak against cold temperature, causing it to become brittle and easily pierced.


Notable Visuals: Battle mask and red, cracked visor, spiked shoulder plates, clawed servos and tread cape. 


Soundwave: Mentor, he taught Virus everything he knows.

Lugnut: Rival, they hate each other with a fiery passion.

Shockwave: Partners, Virus provides stolen information to Shockwave, so he may develop a counter measure.

Voice: Steven Blum
Domikro Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
Ok, I tried to make my first OC, it's a demo version, I'll eventually edit it by time, but is it any good now? (I'm sorry that appearance is so bad, but I am not really good in that kind of description and I can't draw really well.


Faction: Formerly Decepticon, became Autobot

Alt mode: White Porsche 911 GT3 RS with blue stripes

Main Function: Scientist

Colour Scheme: White and blue, blue optics

Personality: Swordfish as a scientist has a mind of a genius, he's also a great tactician. But he's also really rash and clumsy when it comes to manual work. Because of this, most of the Autobots and Decepticons sees him as an annoying child. And the fact that Swordfish is really smooth-talking isn't helping his reputation.

Backstory: Swordfish was a scientist back in the days when war was not raging on Cybertron. He lived a normal life, and he had a serious personaliyt. He evenutally became friends with Soundwave and Jolt, but Soundwave was always his best friend. Not so long before the war started, Soundwave, together with Jolt joined the rebelling forces of Decepticons. Swordfish didn't think it is anything serious, but when Soundwave became reprogrammed, because he wanted to become a „perfect soldier“. Something has broken in Swordfish, from then on, he found himself responsible for this, and he started to be very unsure about his every action. As time has passed, he became childish, smooth-talking and a coward.

When the war started to rage, Swordfish joined the Decepticons and became a student of Shockwave, being his left hand. The time has come and war started to destroy their planet, Swordfish find the courage to do something and even tho the rest of Shockwave's team could find out, he warned the Autobots from Shockwave's next experiment, Dinobots. It wasn't much of a use, because Dinobots freed themselves and joined the Autobots, but it still made him feel better. In the final days of war, he decided to run away from the planet, and stolen a ship to get out of Cybertron, knowing that he would die without the energon, he put himself in cryo sleep.


Range – He has the ability to transform his hands into 2 guns, which can serve as grenade launcher, or laser. His shoulders can also transform to reveal his little machine guns, but they are not really effective in battle and uses them only when he has no other choice, knowing that he probably won't even aim right.

Melee – He has no melee weapons, but uses his really sharp fingers as ones.

Other skills:

Swordfish is a great scientist, medic and tactician. He's also very good in chemistry and physics.

Fears and Weaknesses: He's a coward, so if he can, he'll run away from the battle (but he would never leave his friends behind). As said before, he is really clumsy and not really good in manual work. He's also very naive. Swordfish is also afraid of Soundwave, because he finds himself responsible for what has happened to him.

Appearance characteristics:

-One of his optics is cracked

-His fingers are really sharp.
-He is 17 feet tall.


Soundwave: Former best friend, now his greatest fear.

Jolt: Former friend, never seen him after the war of Cybertron happened.

Shockwave: His former master, he is really afraid of him and disgusted by his work and experiments. He would gladly kill him on the spot.

The rest of the Shockwave's team: He had some friends there, some of them eventually joined the Autobots too, but the most of his former co-workers stayed with the Decepticons, serving Shockwave.

Optimus: One of the few Autobots that actually accepted him as one of them. Swordfish really likes to spend time with him, for he loves his speeches.

Airachnid: During the war of Cybertron, Swordfish needed some prisoners to do some experiments. Because of that, he hired Airachnid, who was in that time a bounty hunter. After the attack on Shockwave's laboratory (the one where Swordfish and Airachnid was, Shockwave had several of them), they had to survive for few days together, side by side. Because of that, Swordfish naivly considers her as not „such a bad person“. If only he knew...

Ratchet: His co-worker with Autobots who he spends most of the time with, and Ratchet hates it.

Cameo, Cliffjumper and Wheeljack: Autobots that accepted Swordfish, just as Optimus did. He considers them as his friends and really likes when he has free time with them.

Voice: Stephen Merchant

IsaliShade Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
A few questions:

Firstly, why Swordfish? I mean, why is he named Swordfish? Sometimes there's a thought to why they are named as they are; Skywarp is a Seeker with teleportation abilities, Glitch makes things... glitch basically, Nautica (from Nautical) transforms into a submarine, Skybite turns into a space shark.. you get the point. Of course there are plenty whose names have little meaning like Chromia, Bumblebee and Kup, and even those with taken names like Drift. I'm just curious why his name is Swordfish.

Secondly what Universe are you basing this on? I'm trying to figure out in which one Soundwave was "reprogrammed" in. You mention Airachnid which leads to me to believe you're mixing TF: Prime with G1? Or maybe IDW G1? Or is it an AU? (Also is that a Transformers Universe character you have on the list of friends? :3 )

About his mini machine guns on his shoulders. Why even have them if they are of little to no use? As a scientist he should have been able to replace them with something more useful for his profession, like... I don't know, flashlights?(:giggle:) Feels more useful than having 2 useless guns built into your shoulders when you can have so many other things.

I'll give you more my thoughts on your character ones I know what universe he belongs to (granted you want to hear them, of course). It's easier to give feedback when the lore of the world ^^;
Domikro Featured By Owner May 19, 2017
He's named Swordfish because of his original concept, he was something like submarine version of Drift, and then I really didn't want to change his name, cuz it sounded ok to me
Yup, it is a mix of IDW and Prime lore, I am mostly creating my own transformers universes and stories. But if I really had to put him to some universe, it would be Prime or IDW :D And yeah, I loved TF: Universe :D
That flaslight idea is pretty cool, I think I'll replace it :D
GhostFreak-Artz Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I was never really good at making good TF ocs...
I had alot that I made when I was a younger and now I pretty much abandoned them. All of them were mary sues/gary stus. But I don't feel like going back and deleting all of I keep them for memory sake...but I'm also extremely embarrassed of them too.

However, I'm trying to bring back 3 of them and redo them into better ocs.
Joseph-Joeclone Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017
I had this name for a while: Steelcrusher
I just drew him G1 style too.
DragonWithAShotgun Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017
I'm not even remotely good at drawing robots, but I am planning a FanFic that involves an OC of mine. I had written the story before, finished it, and then lost interest in it randomly. I read it again some months ago, and I nearly fainted from how horrible my character was portrayed. She was the ultimate definition of "Mary-Sue" and even the canon characters like Optimus and the others weren't even in character! So I completely deleted the whole story, and now am changing it up a bit as well as completely changing my OC.
As for a Faction, in your opinion, would a Student Researcher for a Anatomy Professor be considered as "Other" or "Autobot?" I don't plan for her to be an antagonist, but she isn't exactly the "hero" type. I'm thinking that the Faction would be Autobot? :shrug:
But as for this Character Tutorial, it's really detailed and gets down to the very basics, and like you said, is something like building a foundation for a house. It's easy to understand and gives certain key points that everyone should at least consider when designing a character for a story or your own drawings! Thanks so much for making this! I've really needed to read these kinds of tutorials, because often it's hard for me to actually picture a character of my own with unique features and an original design, and not referencing off of other canon characters. 
So, again, thanks for sharing this, even if it was a request by someone! :D I'll be sure to keep much of this information in mind as I try to create my own character! 
One-For-Sorrow Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Robots are hard, definitely! I cringe at my old drawings of my TF OCs. Heck, I'll probably cringe at my current drawings in a few years. It just takes practice, though I'm sure you've already heard that plenty of times. XD

Really, they could be any faction! It depends more so on their ideals. I'd suggest picking whichever side you think they'd sympathize with the most: nasty Autobots and nice Decepticons do exist, after all.

Thank you very much for your feedback!
DragonWithAShotgun Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017
With practice, we become better. :) And thank you for the reply and opinion! :D
Starmoonfox Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
*panic panic*
Starmoonfox Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
Starmoonfox Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
I can't find da right name people
Starmoonfox Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
ewolf20 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Man I feel like shit. I had a character that experimented on by some neutral in a junkyard.
One-For-Sorrow Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's not necessarily a bad thing! You can make it work, I just advise new writers to try and think of new ideas that aren't so common. Besides, a neutral in a junkyard doesn't fall into The Revenge Cliché, which tends to be the issue with that kind of plot. Don't beat yourself up, okay?
ewolf20 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Student Digital Artist
it's a problem I have. so I might as well work on it. now that I'm thinking about, is there a junkyard in transformer's canon? 
One-For-Sorrow Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not that I know of. I mean, there's the planet Junkion, which is essentially just a garbage dump. So you can either go with that, or make up your own junkyard on Cybertron: there's none actually mentioned in canon that I know of, but that doesn't mean there aren't any.
SomeRandomIceWing Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016
Is having an oc for every faction bad? Auto, Dino, insect, and con okay?
Also, if giving them a certain look for every continuity ok? Like G1, Prime, Cybertron games, and movieverse Mary-Sue ish?
One-For-Sorrow Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There's absolutely nothing wrong with any of that! Go nuts, friend!
Raging-Riolu Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Is he killed his parents because they didn't fear him okay?
TheBattyCrow Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
This is very informative! I will definitely use this as reference for my characters. I have a few already, but it can't hurt to have a better fleshed out idea :)
Scottman23 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for this! Big help! Do you mind giving me Critique on my TF OC? Illusion? You can find her with a bio in my gallery
LordBloodySoul Featured By Owner May 29, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice! This is really helpful :D
I ran one of my OC's through this one and darn, I hit the edges of Mary-Sue, but never crossed to that side! Holy hell! XD
I feel weird about knowing this now and this might help me with the rest of it :D
Girl-Time-2015 Featured By Owner May 16, 2016
So I made an OC for a Transformers Animated fanfic I wrote a long time ago. I found it a while back and frankly, my OC was a textbook case of Anti-Sue (totally useless but still main focus of the story). You have received most wonderful advice and I will use that to improve my character if I decide to redo my fic.
XxXStarHeartPrimeXxX Featured By Owner May 3, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
meganagent13 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2016 I need to do a quick character check on my OC because I feel like she's a teeeeny bit Sue-ish. Mind if I run her backstory by you guys?
ShieldMaiden83 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Its a nice guide, and have to admit I have made some blunders if any see it that way....Buuuuuuuuuuut gone to a great length explaining why my OC's are the way they are. Not happened over night.
The revenge thing and science experiment...yeah did that, but my OC have changed from wanting to revenge to save people instead. Self realization ans character development. Another one is still figuring out her purpose in life. Its fun while writing seeing where it goes.
One-For-Sorrow Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When the writing is done well, that kind of story can be fantastic! I anticipated this guide to be for people who haven't done much character development before, which is why I discouraged those really popular topics: to push new content creators to think of other ways to build their characters so they can practice.
ShieldMaiden83 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Just to add more; the Part with Family and Childhood. It should rather be Caretakers of younglings and childhood the growth period the Sparkling learn during that period. The former sounds to human for me.
IN Beast Hunters Prime, Ultra Magnus asks Optimus what the deal with team was...not quoting directly, but Optimus have learned what the word for humans family means on Earth aka meaning there is no word for Family on Cybertron.
Mushroom-Basket Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is so helpful! >w<
THEATOMBOMB035 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm gonna be using this
sarcasticupcake Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMP this is so helpful I love it, really glad there are stuff like this here on DA, now I know what needs to be edited in my OCs' profiles
Darkstarr86 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016
What combat style would archery (bow and arrow) offer?
One-For-Sorrow Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Likely a lightweight and more agile character, with a preference for fighting from a distance. Archers tend to match well with daggers when forced into close-range combat, diving in and out of the fight to deliver as many small, quick blows as possible.
Urafiki Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What about sword and blaster wielders if you wanted to mix blasters and swords like Megatron and Optimus did?
One-For-Sorrow Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, sorry, I now see I misunderstood your question. Sword-and-blaster wielders would be very versatile fighters, though more likely to have a preference for close to mid-range combat. Swords are better for one-on-one fights, and blasters are better when you have more than one target. There's more risk of injury for these types than for ranged fighters, so they'll likely have an average to heavy amount of armor. Megatron and Optimus are really good examples, so you can always rewatch their fight scenes for a better sense of that style.
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