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I Sculpt any character from 90 Dlls, You can print them!!


//Accesories 30 Dlls+
//Head 90Dlls+
//Bust 180 Dlls+
//Torso 240 Dlls+
//Full Body 330 Dlls+

//Non-Hollow (Add more material and cost  for your print)
//Hollow  add 30 Dlls (Reduces material and cost to your print)

//Flat  Included
//Shaded paint add 36 Dlls

//Simple Base Included
//Epic Base 30 Dlls

//Pose A , T or simple Pose Included 
//Action Pose add 39 Dlls

//Render Illustration From 150 Dlls

You can see other examples in my gallery

Any style is welcome, I sculpt almost anything , if you have a different thing in mind send me a message

+ Starting Rates

*Price may vary from character Detail, Accesories,# of parts,Size Etc

Type 1 Soft
Type 2 Detail
Type 3 Hyper Detail

What includes your purchase

Character (.STL),HD Renders & 360 Turntable 


You can ask for whatever character you want!!! with the following exceptions
*No abuse torture or something that represent images of non-consensual actions.Fighting,kisses ,sex etc are allowed.If you have questions about pose send me a message
*No character of childrens having sex or being abused
*About characters, if you want a licenced character is only for personal projects, in another way licensed characters to sell are for companies who have a license, for companies send me an email.
If you have your original character and want to sell prints, there is no problem.
If is a original character from an other person and you want to sell prints first talk with the autor and make and agreement.
Is your full responsability what you do with the 3D model
*If you publicity my work always add my name & link to this page
*It´s needed to make the payement to have an slot

What do you need to ask for a comission?

1.-Ask if there are slots avaliable
2.-Send me pictures for quotation to
3.-Make the payment 50% in advance, in orders from 300 dlls , full payment for lower orders

*Price changes for Companies. Send me a e-mail for a query.

Whant happen when you have your commision is asigned?

1.-Well i assign a day in future to send you.(The longest delivery time is 1 week, after the last person on the list)
2.-Send you pictures for revision (without major changes after the initial agreement, if you want another character, attire or pose you will have to pay for another service)
3.-Final  files are sended to your E-mail
4 Repeat =D!!!


//Via Gumroad & Paypal
Fee´s & Conversion included in final price


//There are some items that are considered out of the rules like Adult content, but there is some companies that do the job for you.


They have a guide for you, please read the info in the link: Shapeways link


They dont print nothing that is cosidered Adult Stuff


You cand send a Emali with a photo of your character to see if they can do the job for you

What is considered adult Content (NSFW)?

Non Medical or scientific depictions of Genitalia
Sexual Activity or content, including higly sexualized nudity
Profane languaje (Languaje please)
Graphic Violence
Items associated with sexual wellness like dildos,plugs,chastity belts etc...
Sexualised or graphic Violence with childrens or non-mature models

If you have your own printer you can print "almost" anything

COMMISIONS QUEUE (5 Slots per month)

1.-Slot avaliable
2.-Slot avaliable
3.-Slot avaliable
4.-Slot avaliable
5.-Slot avaliable

Visit my Shop

Reserve your Slot Today!!!.
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