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The only things I dislike about this design are as follows: the overly perfect and round... boobs... It really doesn't do the character any justice. Trim them down and give them a more natural gravity. The backdrop shadow behind your character seems unnecessary, and I would enjoy seeing the full figure of your character. You might also consider changing up the color scheme for your character (not that this one is bad) but it's good to have a variety of color designs to pick from. That's really it. You have an awesome design sense. Really bad ass work. Keep it up!
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The only thing I would add is that you assume the boobs of this alien character would react to gravity the same way that a human female's would and I don't think they're intended to be the same as a human's.
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She is really sexy,magnificent and delicious...great piece
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Thanks Man , i aprecciate that =)
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Your very welcome my friendLa la la la Clap 
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good greaf she looks astounding. i love seeing unique looking ladies like this 
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Thanks!!! and i ´ll be doing more for the next year.=D
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I can't tell which bottom of her face is her mouth.  Does she even have a mouth?  Other than that, great original design!!!
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Yes have a mouth, but this picture really, dont show it and thank you!!!
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Your very welcome!
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Kinda evil looking.
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Thank´s mysterious Man!
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