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Get your art into the iBookstore and NOOK

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 7, 2011, 9:45 PM


Hey everyone!

So yes very big news...Before I get into that I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has given me your support over the years.  I can not express in words what it means to me, seriously.  I know that I do not get around here often to leave comments, etc...I am super busy with my job and two young boys and hardly have time to get on here.  I am hoping to get here more soon.  But THANK YOU SERIOUSLY I really can not put into words how much your support means to me!

Something that I am working on is bringing attention to places like the iBookstore and Barnes and Noble NOOK.  Seriously, this is a HUGE market, much like the iTunes App store when it first opened.  This is a HUGE chance for artists (both visual and writers) to get there work into a market that CAN work for them, maybe better than selling prints etc.

Since the launch of the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Android based phones and tablets there is a new market for digital publishing.  This can have a big time impact on you as an independent artist.  Yes selling prints is great, but you can truly reach a much larger market using the new digital media devices.  It is good for you and good for the consumer because you can offer a product much cheaper while making more money because of volume.  

Now, before you go into the whole "I don't do this for money" thing (which good for you if you aren't) it really isn't about the money.  Sometimes the money can be a by-product of what you love to do (art.)  If your goal is to sell prints or traditional books then this is a good alternative to the cost of prints or printing a book.  Let me be clear, no I don't do this for the money, if I did, I WOULD BE DEAD FROM STARVING (hence the whole "starving artist" concept.)  I do art because I enjoy it, but given the chance to make money at it is a plus.  Therefore, transitioning to the new digital media devices could be critical.  

What about people stealing my work?  Let me say, that while we ALL hate that, people will ALWAYS find a way to do that.  Someone can easy enough buy a small print, place it on a high res scanner, blow your image up and print it off at a much higher print just as they can steal digital works.  However, don't get scared off so easy.  With the new ePub format that,digital publishing standard (needed to get into the iBookstore etc.) most companies add what is called DRM (digital rights management) that disables features like "print" etc.  For most honest people they aren't going to go into a hacking fit just to get your image and steal it to make their own money at.  Yes, there will be some but again, this will always happen to some degree.

So that is my long winded rant on ePub et al.  If you are interested in breaking into this new media and getting your work into the iBookstore or NOOK I have the know how.  I have spent a long time learning it.  It is NOT as easy as throwing something up into a Word Doc and having some place "convert" your file into an ePub.  For visual artists this produces crappy blurry images that your viewers will not enjoy.  There is actually coding evolved and each file can take a while to produce properly.  Again, I can help if you are interested.  I want to see other artists who do want to do this accomplish it and succeed at it, it can be done and I can help.  Just as iTunes and other places has helped independent music artists this can be done for visual artists and writers also.  No, you do not need a big time publisher anymore!  However, you will need to do your own marketing to get the job done.

You can check out my eBook for the iPad/iPhone/iPod etc on the iBookstore===>…

Or if you have an Android based phone or tablet or just want to view it on your PC you can get it here-->…
just be sure you read the required software list on lulu.  For your Android based device you can use this software

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