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The moonlit planet with the floating water. by oncoming-folded-swan The moonlit planet with the floating water. :icononcoming-folded-swan:oncoming-folded-swan 4 0
A Love Story Between Karen Gillan and Simon Niel.
Karen Gillan and Simon Neil from the band Biffy Clyro had been together for an unknown amount of time. They had recently moved to the particular part of Barcelona that they lived in and had been living in their undisclosed lodgings for about a week. The two were, I assume, very much in love and probably enjoyed having adventures around Barcelona's city centre together, although it is unknown how near or far they were to the actual city centre itself.
In their undisclosed lodgings the couple liked to focus on their artistic passions, like painting, singing and playing the piano; as well as work from their computers in graphic design and web development.
One morning Karen Gillan decided that Karen Gillan was going to start working on a new painting.
"Och-Aye," Karen Gillan declared, "I've decided I'm going to start working on a new painting."
"That's a wonderful idea, my bonnie wee lass," said Simon Neil from the band Biffy Clyro.
Karen Gillan set up the art supplies in which Karan Gilla
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SupernaturalxTrickster!Reader - Chapter 8
You awoke with a start, it was about 4am. You were still in bed in your pajamas, safe and unharmed. Gabriel was on the sofa, sat quietly, thinking things over.
"Gabe...?" you asked sleepily.
"(y/n)? Are you ok?" he appeared at your side immidiately.
"Uh, yeah... I, I had a bad dream," you couldn't really remember but your head hurt and your throat was dry and sore, how you felt after most night's sleep.
He handed you a can of (f/fizzydrink) and smiled, "You're just dehydrated, here."
You smiled and took the drink, drinking most of it quickly, "Thanks..." you placed the drink on the bedside table.
"Anything else I can get you...?" he asked.
"Well..." you paused thinking about what he had said earlier, "I know you said not to–"
"That was yesterday, I changed my mind"
You blushed a little and manovered yourself on the bed, Gabriel put his arms around you and pulled you close, while you rested your head on his chest. You could hear his vessel's heart beating quickly. After how long h
:icononcoming-folded-swan:oncoming-folded-swan 3 0
Mature content
SupernaturalxTrickster!Reader - Chapter 7 :icononcoming-folded-swan:oncoming-folded-swan 4 0
Doctor Who - Four Horsemen - Part 7
The TARDIS materialised beside The Doctor and McKenzie stepped out, exuding The Doctor's usual confidence.
"Right" she said, clicking her fingers and closing the doors "Who needs rescuing?"
"McKenzie!" said The Doctor.
The shut in dissolved into a pile of clothes and roaches poured out in a small tidal wave covering the floor.
"Whoa. What did I miss?" she asked.
The roaches crawled over to the group and up their ankles, they tried to squish as many as they could.
"Um, little help here!" shouted Martha.
"Oh! I have just the thing" she reached into the TARDIS and took out a can of insect repellent.
"Not really gonna help!" shouted Mickey.
"Wait, I have an even better idea, wait right there!" she ran back into the TARDIS.
Martha, Mickey and The Doctor kept trying to flick the seemingly never ending stream of roaches off of them, but they just kept crawling up their legs, holding them in place.
"Everyone! Think insulating thoughts ok!" McKenzie shouted as she dove from the TARDIS to the pi
:icononcoming-folded-swan:oncoming-folded-swan 1 0
Doctor Who - Four Horsemen - Part 6
Martha headed down an alleyway, foot prints started to appear. Green and oozing puddles, she choked a little at the smell.
"I'm close, where are you?" asked Mickey.
They each headed down similar looking alleys in an estate, someone screamed and they each ran towards the noise. They came to a small open area, two men were laughing at a girl digging through bags of rubbish.
"Hey!" Martha yelled, she and Mickey held their weapons up at them and The Doctor ran to help the girl.
"It's alright, just run, get out of here" she did so "Maybe to a hospital!" he shouted after her.
"What was that for, we were having fun!" said the shut in.
"You're Malcolm Davis aren't you? You killed your own mother!" Martha shouted in disgust.
"It's not him, Martha, it's something else inside" said The Doctor, he put his hand out in front of her to keep both her and Mickey back.
"But I only did what Malcolm wanted me to" he tilted his head and stared at Martha.
"Don't listen to them, Martha" The Doctor said turni
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Sherlock - The Psychoanalyst - Chapter 6
Chapter 6 - Riding the High
Sherlock watched as she quickly ran up the stairs. He wanted to follow her, but he didn't want her to think he was trying to in anyway control her or force her into anything.
Her lips tasted like peach.
He smiled, she was... almost indescribable. He found himself wanting to kiss her again, these feelings were new, attraction, desire to be close... It was oddly nice though.
"SHER–" he heard her scream from upstairs. He shot up from the sofa and ran up to her room.
She wasn't there, what could have happened? Her jumper was on the floor and the window was open. He looked out and couldn't see her. There were boot prints by her bed coming in form the window and a needle on the floor. He recognised it all too well. He closed his eyes and thought frantically.
'He came in from the fire escape and waited for her to come up here... but where would he go... of course!' he thought of what she had told him, an empty grounds keeping shed in Hyde park. He grab
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Doctor Who - Four Horsemen - Part 5
"It looks like the final trail has stopped, there's been a car crash... So I guess it's safe to say the death and destruction has started..." said Martha.
"Should we call UNIT?" asked Mickey.
"Right" said Jack "You three go and visit the sites, see if you can find out what happened or any information on these guys, weaknesses or anything like that, anything that will help us stop them, I'm gonna stay here, keep an eye on things and get a message to UNIT, keep them on their toes in case anything get out of control"
"We'll bring a containment unit" said Martha.
"Good plan Martha, and only use your weapons if it's absolutely necessary, remember, they are still people"
Mickey and Martha went to leave, The Doctor looked hesitant.
"She'll be fine Doc. She's tough" said Jack, handing him an earpiece.
The Doctor left with Mickey and Martha.
"Keep in touch" Jack saluted to him.
Jack looked over to the TARDIS and grabbed the medical scanner, he went into the TARDIS and checked on McKenzie, she w
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Mature content
Sherlock - The Psychoanalyst - Chapter 5 :icononcoming-folded-swan:oncoming-folded-swan 0 0
SupernaturalxTrickster!Reader - Chapter 6
You headed out of Bobby's to your motorbike, a black Harley Dyna. You smiled extremely wide at seeing Ramsey again, named so for its attitude and all round badassedness, after Gordon Ramsey. Any chance you got, whether it was a slow day of research or just relaxing in a motel room, you'd watch kitchen nightmares or hell's kitchen. Cooking shows were a huge favourite of yours because you could always just snap up a copy of the dish and try it for yourself, especially American ones, everything was always so... BIG... and full of sugar.
"No way are you getting me on that thing" Gabriel said pointing at your bike like it was a death trap.
"Look at that you do have something in common with Bobby" you smirked and turned to him, snapping your fingers and materialising two dark green duffel bags, you threw the larger one to Gabriel he watched as it landed at his feet.
"What do you want me to do with that?" he looked down at the bag in disgust.
"You sure are dumb for an archangel" you giggled "
:icononcoming-folded-swan:oncoming-folded-swan 10 3
Mature content
Deadpool - Playing With Shadows - Chapter 5 :icononcoming-folded-swan:oncoming-folded-swan 1 0
Doctor Who - Four Horsemen - Part 4
"So, he has two hearts right...? How does that effect stamina...? And I mean, from a purely medical stand point of course, but is there anything else he has tw–"
"McKenzie?" asked The Doctor, intentionally interrupting them "Could you come here a minute?"
She left Martha, still giggling a little "What's up?"
"We're trying to make a tracker from the signal we read before the meteor hit" said Jack, getting up from Mickey's desk "Do you think you could try and hack into some servers for me?"
"Ok" she sat down at the desk and put on her glasses "I don't see why you can't do this... I know you can"
"Well, I knew you could do it faster" he smirked.
She rolled her eyes and quickly typed away. Jack and The Doctor moved to Jack's office and The Doctor admired McKenzie in her glasses.
"So, what did you get up to?" asked Jack.
"Hm, huh?" he shook his head.
"You guys could have been gone for who knows how long, you had to have been doing something"
"We've only been gone for a few days" he sh
:icononcoming-folded-swan:oncoming-folded-swan 1 0
SupernaturalxTrickster!Reader - Chapter 5
"Bound? What do you mean bound?" you asked, panic filling your mind. What possible reason could you have to be bound to a resurrected angel for? Who resurrected him? What was the plan for it?
"Yeah... What do you mean bound..." Bobby asked Gabriel slowly, narrowing his eyes at him.
Gabriel backed up a little, the great archangel feeling intimidated by your father. It made you giggle a little, like you had brought Gabriel home to daddy and daddy didn't approve.
"Well, good sir. Obviously, just like my dear brother Castiel and our good buddy Dean here..." he put his arm around your shoulder "It means we're meant to mate"
You choked a little, laughing but also what-the-hell-ing "I'm sorry?" you asked, an eyebrow raised.
"WHAT?!" Dean shrieked, looking over at Castiel who had turned a shade or two redder.
Sam laughed at the joke and Bobby made to leave the room.
"That's it" he said "I'm getting my shot gun! You need to get you feathered ass off of my property"
"Whoa, whoa, wh
:icononcoming-folded-swan:oncoming-folded-swan 15 0
Mature content
Sherlock - The Psychoanalyst - Chapter 4 :icononcoming-folded-swan:oncoming-folded-swan 1 0
Doctor Who - Four Horsemen - Part 3
They gathered around the object they had just beamed in.
"It's just a rock..." said Mickey.
"Are you sure you had the right co-ordinates?" asked Osgood.
"I know I did" Martha went back to her computer "I definitely had them set from a week ago, there's no way I could have picked up anything else"
Jack held a scanner over the rock "Any sign of the energy is gone..." he said.
"How could it just be gone?" asked Osgood as she went over the data UNIT had collected.
The Doctor looked over the rock. He stared intently at it and sniffed it.
"What if what ever it was carrying left, on it's own...?" asked McKenzie.
Martha and Mickey looked at each other.
"We didn't think about the contents being sentient... could that be possible?" Martha turned to Jack.
"Oh dear..." he said.
"What?" asked Mickey.
"There was something like this before... Back in Cardiff. A comet crashed to Earth and it had a gas creature inside it that fed off..." he trailed off.
"Fed off what?"
"Orgasmic... energy..."
"Whoa!" M
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Doctor Who x Reader - A New 11 - Prologue
"I don't want to go–"
The Doctor looked around his TARDIS, pain and fear welling in his eyes. But the TARDIS could do nothing to stop what was coming. His hands glowed and he tried to hold it back, but it was too late. A huge burst of golden energy erupted from him causing a chain reaction of fires and explosions around the TARDIS.
The Doctor screamed in pain as the TARDIS shook around him, he was falling out of the sky and there was nothing he could do. He felt his hair changing, he was growing taller. Everything started to blur.
Finally it stopped and he threw himself forward and onto the console, he squinted his eyes trying to work out what part of the sparking console he was looking at. His vision was blurred and it wasn't un-blurring.
"I'm blind!" he cried, fumbling around the console trying to fly his TARDIS "These clothes don't fit any more!" he stretched awkwardly as he ran around frantically, still barely able to see "I can't see if I'm ginger or not, this hair is too sh
:icononcoming-folded-swan:oncoming-folded-swan 4 0


zoinks! its the hex girls! by PastelCannibal zoinks! its the hex girls! :iconpastelcannibal:PastelCannibal 526 20 FANTASTIC! - Colored by LauraKjoge FANTASTIC! - Colored :iconlaurakjoge:LauraKjoge 205 48 Cyber-Scooby-Chase by Mr-Marzipan Cyber-Scooby-Chase :iconmr-marzipan:Mr-Marzipan 33 7 The Empty Child - Doctor Who by VitoGraffito The Empty Child - Doctor Who :iconvitograffito:VitoGraffito 20 0 Chips make everything better by Son-Neko Chips make everything better :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 1,084 186 Eccle Pan n Rose by jewlogic Eccle Pan n Rose :iconjewlogic:jewlogic 64 35 Doctor Who Oddparents by Goldman-Karee Doctor Who Oddparents :icongoldman-karee:Goldman-Karee 37 4 Disneys Doctor Who by McGillustrator Disneys Doctor Who :iconmcgillustrator:McGillustrator 159 35 Doctor Who : Four and Romana II by supinternets Doctor Who : Four and Romana II :iconsupinternets:supinternets 191 43 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS by supinternets Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS :iconsupinternets:supinternets 81 8 Doctor Who : Fade into You by supinternets Doctor Who : Fade into You :iconsupinternets:supinternets 376 8 Doctor Who - Ten+Rose by daiong Doctor Who - Ten+Rose :icondaiong:daiong 596 50 9th Doctor and Rose Tyler. Doctor Who by aimeekitty 9th Doctor and Rose Tyler. Doctor Who :iconaimeekitty:aimeekitty 679 31 Doctor Who Space Travel by DavidHoffrichter Doctor Who Space Travel :icondavidhoffrichter:DavidHoffrichter 6,153 695 The rebound - Doctor Who comic by SWING-21 The rebound - Doctor Who comic :iconswing-21:SWING-21 3,086 394 Doctor Who Tangled by trasigpenna Doctor Who Tangled :icontrasigpenna:trasigpenna 2,621 339


So I've been deciding whether or not to post my other work as well... Cos my friend said I should post my sci-fi read dwarf parody but I'm not sure... I also write other fan fics too! like the usual sherlock supernatural and what not... but at the same time I've got a deadpool on the go (with the voices in his head ^^), wolf among us (one which has an OC and if Snow actually was dead) and even Kim Possible (I wanted to continue the series I loved it too much!) so I want to post these things but I get to nervous about it... what do you guys think?

I will have to put them up eventually for my crossover episodes to work XD


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Rikki Ferrari
United Kingdom
I do rubbish cartoons for the fanfics I write, also I'm writing a book...

If I had to order my creative outputs I'd say:

But I'd like to get better at art... I swear <3


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