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ᴘ ʟ ᴇ ᴀ s ᴇ . ʀ ᴇ ᴀ ᴅ
i do not accept notes regarding my ocs (be it asking for a sale, a trade) or about customs; messages with said topics will be thrown into the trash bucket as i receive plenty of them and it's not really cute to read "can
i buy ____ ?" every single day. please, use notes for commission or art inquiries only, thank you!.


✝ 𝕸𝖎𝖔𝖓 , 𝕸𝖆𝖑𝖊 , 𝕬𝖉𝖚𝖑𝖙 ✝
❝ take away what's left of me, every drop of blood i bleed;
in the forest of your mind, where all cicadas cry. ❞

ᴀ ʀ ᴛ . s ᴛ ᴀ ᴛ ᴜ s
everything's closed, unless stated in a journal;
please don't note me about it.

ᴛ ᴏ ᴏ ʟ s
paint tool sai, cintiq13HD.

ɪ ɴ ᴛ ᴇ ʀ ᴇ s ᴛ s
paranormal, psychology, horror movies, woods, ocs, roleplaying, art, mangas, animals.

ᴀ ʀ ᴛ . ɪ ɴ s ᴘ ɪ ʀ ᴀ ᴛ ɪ ᴏ ɴ s
fumiko, teacosies, kaneoya sachiko,
yana toboso, takeshi obata, tetsuya nomura, nardack, puinkey,
ovopack, ulrik-badass, cushart, z-pico, ultracat7724, alicevu134

ʟ ɪ ɴ ᴋ s ;
ᴘ ɪ ᴄ ᴀ ʀ ᴛ ᴏ
ғ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ ғ ғ ɪ ɴ ɪ ᴛ ʏ
ᴛ ᴜ ᴍ ʙ ʟ ʀ


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