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...please , visit!

1 min read
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Old friends

1 min read
I will begin by saying hello ... after a long , long time...
I am not active here anymore, but i really miss my old friends from deviant.
For those who will like to stay in touch with me, I will share my facebook profile...
You can find me here :


Thank you and ...miss you all!
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Promoting Romanian Photographers

1 min read
I will present you :icondiaboliq::thumb145717331:
...please visit his gallery when you have time and the pleasure ! :heart: Thanks!
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R.I.P. 2009 - 2010

15 min read
...It doesn't matter how they lived their life or how they died ...each of them left something in our soul/mind...at the right moment ...so, just let them rest in peace!
A million other people died last year as well... and the year before...our friends, our sisters and brothers, our parents or grandparents, our neighbors or boss... or maybe the stranger that accidentally looked into your eyes onceuponatime...We all are heading for a fall...and that's how life and death goes on and on ...peace!
PS: Sorry for my bad English, my parents were poor, I had too do it all by myself:)
Lhasa de Sela (singer)/ 1 January /age of 37
++ Lhasa de Sela by intime Lhasa by whatthis Lhasa by xtophorus
Brittany Murphy(actress) / 20 December / age of 32
:thumb149283154: Brittany Murphy Tribute-2 by donvito62 Brittany Murphy by donvito62:thumb46049207:
Gheorghe Dinica ( Romanian actor) 10.11.2009
Gheorghe Dinica by davidroman Ghe Dinica by bogdancalciu
Patrick Swayze (actor) /14 September/ age of 57
Patrick Swayze by donna-j Patrick Swayze b.1952-d. 2009 by CezLeo Patrick Swayze by Deppfan61
Adam Goldstein ( "DJ AM") (Musician) August 28 / age of 36
Adam DJ AM Goldstein.. by straightfromcamera DJAM: Sc-c-c-c-ratch.. by straightfromcamera
Les Paul (Guitar legend) August 13 / age 94
Les Paul by C-Money:thumb81275753:
Walter Cronkite (legendary TV journalist) July 17/age of 92
Walter Cronkite by monsteroftheid
Karl Malden (actor) 01.07.2009
R.I.P. Karl Malden by jpaolonovelli Karl Malden by KwasiRa
Steve McNair (Former NFL quarterback) July 4 / age of 36
Michael Jackson June 25/age of 50
Young michael jackson by siryouss
Farrah Fawcett( Actress/model) June 25/age of 62
Farrah by theartyst R.I.P., ANGEL - Farrah Fawcett by noeling FARRAH FAWCETT by TadeoMendoza
Billy Mays (TV pitchman) June 28
BILLY MAYS HERE by jKendrick
David Carradine (actor) June 4
David Carradine as Caine by stupratt David Carradine by sobreiro:thumb127692582:
Beatrice Arthur (actress) April 25 /at age 86
Bea Arthur by daveizoid Bea Arthur by artofneff
Natasha Richardson (actress)  March 18 /age of 45
Dom DeLuise (actor-comedian) He was 75
In Loving Memory - Dom DeLuise by AndrewDickman Dom Deluise rest in peace by digital-alero
Mercedes Sosa(La Negra)singer ...October 4, 2009
Mercedes Sosa by dazaPSD Mercedes Sosa by COVO Callo la voz de America Latina by Latuff2

Ricardo Montalban(star of the hit TV series Fantasy Island)January 14/age of 88
Ricardo Montalban by JillGiovanni Ricardo Montalban as Khan by Gargoyle-Warrior
Jett Travolta (John Travolta and Kelly Preston's son) January 2 /age of 16
Jett and John Travolta by krycomics
John Updike (American novelist) January 27th/the age of 76

Ted Kennedy (the youngest Kennedy brother) at age of 77
Ted Kennedy - Part I by NikVirella:thumb139327405:
Mark "The Bird" Fidrych (Major League Baseball player) April 13, 2009
:thumb119928459: Mark Fidrych by chrispjones
Frank McCourt (American-born Irish teacher and Pulitzer Prize-winning author) July 19, 2009
Frank McCourt Caricature by sijsawyer Frank McCourt by mithfalas
Robert McNamara (President of Ford Motor Company, United States Secretary of Defense and President of the World Bank) July 6, 2009
Robert McNamara by monsteroftheid
Stephen Gately (singer ex- Boyzone) 17 March 1976 – 10 October 2009
Stephen Gately by BitemeFenrir Dear Stephen by FrejaPyordova
Toni Tecuceanu, Nicu Constantin ,Florin Bogardo, Valeriu Lazarov, Yves Rocher, Casey Johnson,Army Archerd ,Ed McMahon,Ron Silver, John Hughes,French tennis player Mathieu Montcourt...
And ...many many others...I will search for more later ...
Stop Dying ! as this fellow deviant used to say Stop Dying by PEPPERsLAUGHTER :pray:
Thanks and try to stay alive :)
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Close to my heart feature

17 min read
Close to my heart feature, women come first :
By the way, my list is opened and if you know some voices that melt your heart..well... you are free to leave a message, it is never too late to listen the new ones....

Liv Kristine ...for :icondr-kelso:indeed a great voice... but i am only human, can't remember all :) :hug: thank you for reminding  me !
Liv Kristine by piolka queen liv kristine by Heile:thumb93865949:

and for my dear friend :iconsparkeyboy09: thanks so much for update my brain:)
Janis Joplin, Joplin by cosmosue Janis Joplin by Kaosita:thumb73058437:
Alison Shaw (Cranes) Alison by shurikmx Heavenly voice by shurikmx
Stina Nordenstam Welcome To Happiness by cynicalbaby:thumb91893827:

Heather Nova:heart:
:thumb45902187: Heather Nova by fjiantra:thumb70239150:
Mylene Farmer :heart: mylene farmer by wishmast3r Mylene Farmer by Llama-ru
:thumb135262322: Mylene  in Winter by Mitia-Arcturus Real Feeling by Mitia-Arcturus
:thumb23295500::thumb129095330: Mylene Farmer by fizzmatazz
Mylene by dr-kelso Mylene Farmer by zalexgalery
Ofra Haza :heart: Ofra Haza by rojak
Lhasa de Sela :heart:: Lhasa by xtophorus Lhasa by whatthis
Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance)
:heart: lisa gerrard by whitewidowwoman Lisa Gerrard II by zoflasoviette The Lovely Lisa Gerrard by maddymoose
Sade :heart: :thumb85704297: Sade by drawingyourattention SADE by Scarrillo
Sade by Connected:thumb78661194:
Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries) The Cranberries Zombie GIF by yolkyakakaka:thumb106746769:
Zombie Cranberries by Sxey:thumb63756922: Dolores O'Riordan by akugyouza Dolores O'riordan by Bandea
Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation) :heart: Sharon Den Adel by Ashtoreth:thumb19209523:
Sharon Den Adel by nell-fallcard Sharon Den Adel 3 by NatalieAnne24:thumb104555752: Sharon Den Adel 2 by NatalieAnne24
Tarja Turunen ( Nightwish ) Tarja Turunen by Haliestra Tarja Turunen by Ashtoreth
Tarja Turunen 2 by AndyRidae Tarja Turunen by JeSSanchez Tarja Turunen by Mebridia
Sinead O Connor sinead by thizizfear Sinead by lains Sinead O Connor III by kidarte
Sinead O'connor by maaahi
Lauryn Hill (The Fugees) Lauryn Hill Stencil by jojo10718 Portrait Lauryn Hill by zimbolimbo:thumb70149833:
Lauryn Hill II by ZhaoT Lauryn Hill Final by zigbone Lauryn Hill by ert69
Bonnie Tyler Bonnie Tyler by TomB-Vienna
Marie Fredriksson (Roxette) Marie Fredriksson Roxette by kswistak
Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star) Hope Sandoval by jaredigital
Sarah McLachlan Sarah Mclachlan by kriss41

...more to come :) hope you like it so far :heart::heart::heart::heart:


I would like to say sorry to those  who've already payed a visit to the feature , but I had to send to all of you the message with the link.. just in case...hehehe:) so, thank you for being here and supporting my features too :)  and I am glad you've found it interesting, This is a small part ...I will try to include most of you in my features...in the future, because you all deserve it.... great artist and lovely dear friends! Thanks again for all your support !
PS :sorry for my bad English !
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