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Reaver Drop



Reaver drop, re-reaver drop!
When the drones go down, they make a pop!
15 mins for Economy flop!
Bring their gameplay to a stop!

So I'm showing off my protoss ability,
Microing probes with such agility,
Gateway, CyCore, Robotics Facility,
Build a Shuttle for Extra Mobility.

If your micro is insane,
Drop a reaver in their main,
Annihalate their worker chains,
They'll be in for such a pain!

Flying reavers to their base,
Defenses are poorly placed,
Sucks they chose Zerg as their race,
Gonna Pwn them in the FACE!

Reaver drop, re-reaver drop!
When the drones go down they make a pop!
15 mins for economy flop!
Reaver drop, re-reaver drop!

A shuttle drops off 2 reavers behind Zerg mineral lines. Yes, I stylized the reavers. Yes, I was too lazy to color the rest (since they're not my markers). No, I don't play protoss.

Done with art markers and pens.
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This looks awesome, nice work!

Id love to see it fully painted, i rly, rly do! :)