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Aiana in greyscale



Stigmatic Cutie

Atlas Shrugged

Awful hand drawn comics.

A typical Mod

Mother and child

Jane and Vladek

Not-so-Good Charlotte

Junko: Chocolates

Laurel Dunn

OLD: Girls

Three Kingdoms- Zhuo Shi


F.S.S. style Gurren Lagann

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girls say, girls say




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My Bio
Current Residence: Hollywood North(aka. Toronto)
Favourite genre of music: Megaman level tunes, techno, rock, trippy stuff, super robo theme songs
Favourite photographer: Peter Parker.
Favourite style of art: It's a toss up between dark,twistedly pretty stuff & anime robot stuff.
Operating System: I beta tested every operating system. Gave props to some,others I dissed 'em.
MP3 player of choice: iSophagus
Shell of choice: 4096SR EXA-Cannon Hyperpenetrator round
Wallpaper of choice: Padded
Skin of choice: I didn't really choose it. I was kinda born with it attached. Tried to take it off once. It hur
Favourite cartoon character: The amazing Astroboy!

Favourite Visual Artist
Ariga, Geiger, Vasquez, Katoki, Yasuhiko, Gorey, Tezuka, Kalo, Ishimori
Favourite Movies
Galaxy express 999. MAETEL!!!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Mizuki Ichiro, Hideki Naganuma, and a bunch of other people you've never heard of
Favourite Writers
Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Yoshiyuki Tomino, H.G. Wells
Favourite Games
Russian Roulette
Favourite Gaming Platform
Craps Table (Huhuhuhuh...I said craps...)
Tools of the Trade
Oh, you meet a lot of tools in this trade...
Other Interests
Performing recreational autopsies, defecating, and drinking rum.



I put everything in scraps, except for the four most popular things, plus that stupid devID, just so the page wouldn't look too bare. I've been thinking about it for a while, but I finally decided to get it over with. I know I sould just delete them, but I don't have the heart. Not yet. I suppose I will sometime. Also, I don't think Ill ever submit anything again, except maybe written stuff. I'll just be using this to comment on stuff. Why did I do all this? Well, just look at everything. It looks like it was drawn by a child & I'm definately no longer a child. I realize I don't have any talent & so there's really no point. I'm just sorry I

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Yeah. I have all 10 volumes of the classic manga released in English. I've heard there were more in Japan, but Ishimori wanted to end it at 10 (hence the title character, you know, dying), but his sponsors forced him to go on & after that he was pretty much phoning it in.
WOWIES ^__^ i've never actually read the manga... being someone who's only seen the show, how much do you think i'd like the manga? or would it confuse me? ^.^
Not sure. U've only seen the first few episodes of the 00s anime. There were also two others in the 60s & 80s, U think, but I've never seen them.

One thing, though, is that 009 stories are always generally supposed to take place in "the present", and for the original manga that means the 1960s. For instance, they go to 'Nam, instead of 008's homeland. And speaking of 008, well... there's really no difference in his character, it's just the way people drew back then hasn't aged well.
debureturnsProfessional Digital Artist
Hiya, O-man!

a) Thank you for stopping by!

b) I read your Journal, and i understand how you feel. However, i think it's worth giving the artistry another try; personally, i think you've got the talent for it. The work i've seen here in the gallery is a lot better than many pieces on DA; also, the very fact that you're not using DA like Facebook is to be respected, as well.

Artistry is a journey; we start at the beginning, and with effort and practice, we embark on that journey. With every single piece you work on, your abilities improve; decent skills are, a lot of the time, honed by refinement and experience. You've clearly already started that process - the next step is to actively seek to improve the techniques you use.

I think what i'm basically saying is that about 95% of the time, people don't start with fabulous abilities; their work is the end result of a lot of experimenting, learning from others, and striving to become better than they are.
I really liked your comics and your characters. I honestly think that the problem is more along the lines of the program you were using. If you did real media and scanned it, I think it would translate better too. I am always using anatomy references. It's apparent to me that you liked doing what you did and I would honestly be really bummed out if you decided not to eventually come back to posting art. Fuck what critics think, I liked your shit!
Thanks. I guess it wasn't all too bad. I didn't really like how the handmade stuff came out when I scanned it, though. Maybe I just need to put more effort into it.

I dunno. I just haven't felt like drawing for a while. Maybe I should get back to it.