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"I aint fall off, I just aint release my new shiz"- Lil NazX

First I told myself I was going to make an account just for edit assets, then I said "nah, just for that AND MMD stuff" Now I've gone back to uploading my digital art on this site AGAIN! Well, the only thing I could hope for is that I've somewhat improve since my cringy DA days...

I had an account before on DA called Cinderpeach but I deleted that because of cringe and insecurity, but I guess I'm back now, yeah I came back fully because of Art Fight, and to tbh (other than like Insta or Toyhou.se which I now have yeet yeet) Idk know any other place on the web where I could display my art, and have it not be crowded with lots of misc. pics of food I make *cough*cough* instagram*cough**cough*, or it getting lost in the mount of me retweeting funny hot takes, reaction vids, and the monthly "give it up for day 15 post" along with me uploading screenshots/clips from my switch to use in vids and junk, and despite being on tumblr for like 1 year or two now, every time I wanna make a new one I spend HOURS looking for the right theme and its just...OOF! So DA seems like a pretty good choice for now until I get my art page on my Neocities set up at least, plus its an easier way to keep in touch art wise with the homies from MMD and Art Fight (other than on the discords obvi)


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Aesthetics [Divider]


Aye, yo! The name's Ash, welcome to my DA page on here you'll find a bunch of my art stuff, I'll be mostly shifting between making digital art and 3D stuff with some IRL stuff thrown from time to time (watercolor, polymer clay, and journal stuff) other than 3D and digital, I'll probably be working on pixel art and stuff people could use to decor their pages, profiles, and Carrds. I like making stories with the characters I make up, so that's mostly what my page is going to be full of, if I'm not active on here I'm prolly active on my other soical medias or my neocities page

I have a Carrd with all my socials and some other stuff about me right here...

Feel free to hit me up for Art Trades (either once I have a section for my Ocs from ArtFight or finally set up my Toyhouse, until then feel free to draw anyone of my MMD Ocs if you like..)



Cute Pink

Other stuff abt me

(*Watch me try to decorate this page like its still old DA back in 2012 or sumthin')

Dyslexia Stamp
Dorky Stamp
Stamp | Kawaii

OOF! this isn't working I miss html...ooof


My About Me Stuff:

Meet The Mmder
Meet The Artist- Cinderpeach
5 Minute Artist- Cinderpeach
Been dead for a bit hoping to come back into the swing of things especially next year, stay tuned!
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There's prolly' a much better verison of a Vash The Stampede model edit, but I REALLY REALLY want to try at making himself, this is what I got so far! next this the hair...oh boi... Original Face Edit by Sakam/TDA, this Vash edit is done by me!
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Okay, I'm glad to hear some peeps are really down for the MMD candy pack! I'll get on it soon!
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Thank you for the favorite! :D

Thank you for the favorite on my art! If you liked what you saw, consider watching or commissioning me!

Happy Mar10 Day!

Thank you so much for the fav! ♥

May the Fun be with you my new Padawan !

Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5]

:huggle: Thank you so much for the fav! Have a nice day! :heart:

Reward - Kaeya

np, the way you drew Kaeya was very goodWhen the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)