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1. John Cazale (I had no idea who this guy was then suddenly discovered him thanks to some film recs from friends (:iconsarahfina-rose: I’m looking at you :) ) and my recent recruit into The Godfather franchise, thanks to that wonderful place called tumblr. I’m so glad I found out about him, now he’s my very fave actor~ The cool thing is he was only in 5 movies in his short lifetime.)
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2. James Dean (A close second to John Cazale, this guy was only in 3 flippin’ movies before his sad early death! 3 flawless movies!)
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3. Al Pacino (Need I say more?)
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4. Marlon Brando (prolly one of the greatest actors who ever lived)
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5. Cary Grant (I started watching all his movies and fell in love with the guy)
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6. Gen Hackman
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7. Sal Mineo
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8. Phillip Seymour Hoffman
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9. This guy:
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10. Uggie
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What? You thought I meant the dude?  THINK AGAIN.
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(I’ll do actresses next)

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This list is a little less perfect without Timothy Spall. Such an underrated tour de force.
on-the-jasmine-wind's avatar
I don't think I know who that is...name sounds familar thou.
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:gasp: Girl! He's only one of the greatest British thespians!

Although funnily, a lot of people wouldn't recognise him as a household name, but he's been practically in everything. Get of load of this bloke's filmography: www.imdb.com/name/nm0001758/

He's a very amazing actor. One of my favourites. I highly recommend Pierrepoint, Ginger and Rosa, My House in Umbria, Topsy-Turvy and Mr. Turner (which isn't out on DVD yet, but when it is).
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Oh right right I know he is. :XD: The name wasn't ringing a bell but yeah yeah I've seen his movies.
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Awesome. You had me worried there. ;)
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Excellent choices. I agree that nothing beats the classics.

I'm glad, also, to have introduced you to the late John Cazale. Granted, everyone on tumblr seems to know who he is, so that's good. Anyway, most people would recognise his characters if not his name, still unfortunate. I admit, too, I wasn't too familiar with him at first either, but I did know him from The Godfather (the character if not the actor) and was enthralled by his performance in Dog Day Afternoon so it did prompt me to research him further. I regret nothing. Glad more people-- both young and old-- are becoming aware of his work, because he's one of those names that everyone should get the chance to know. Film history is not complete without it.

Also glad you decided to include The Artist. :) It's one of my favourite movies. Too bad Uggie retired from acting, but he has prompted people to sign a petition allowing animal actors to have a category in the Oscars. A lot may think it's ridiculous, but I think it's a fair case. Animals should have more rights and recognition in the film industry, especially since many critics admitted Uggie the dog upstaged his co-stars. :XD:
on-the-jasmine-wind's avatar
Yup, thanks for shedding light. :) I don't watch a lot of movies so it's been an adventure trying to catch up, I mean you have way more film knowledge than me so thanks. :XD:

BTW who';s your fave actor? :meow:
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Fred Astaire, hands down. :heart:
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Oh gosh, I kinda know him. :blushes:
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I love John Cazale myself. Stan was my favorite of his characters tho because it was the most different one he played. Smart, sexy, important part to the plot (well all his characters had central roles but Stan had the most screen time, second billed after Gene Hackman).

Fredo's a good character too tho. And most iconic.
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Which Stan? lol there's two remember. The Conversation and The Deer Hunter. He may have always played weird characters but they were all different.

Sure most of them lacked intelligence or charisma of the other characters.

Fredo was considered the weakest of his brothers and incompetent. He was also a womanizer, and substance abuser battling with his sexual orientation as a gay man.
Stan of the The Conversation was just a curious kid, scary smart, but also inexperienced, also why he was mad at Harry for blowing him off. He also had ADHD and also was a womanizer but couldn't get a girlfriend unlike Fredo cuz Harry wouldn't let him do anything but work. And sure like Fredo he starts working for Harry's rival, kinda the same way Fredo went to Hyman Roth. But he's still loyal to Harry.
Sal was just a crazy killing machine, the most quiet of his characters. Maybe not as bright as Sonny but also talented with a gun. Sal tho was neither a womanizer or an admitted gay man, he was more like a sexual sadist who got pleasure out of killing instead of sex.
Stan in The Deer Hunter isn't dumb and he too can get more ass than his buddies but he's just really weird and often pisses off Robert De Niro's character. Stan also tries to help him get a girlfriend, but De Niro has the hots for his friend's fiance, Meryl Streep. Stan also has a crush on Merly, but so does everybody. He also doesn't care about the war effort and doesn't enlist, and there is an implication too that De Niro is repressing gay tendencies but it's never touched upon. That or Stan was just calling him a ''faggot'' cuz he was mad at him for blowing him off during their hunt. But Stan is really arrogant and has his head up his ass.
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Right he was a character actor so of course he played all different types, and he changed his appearance for every one. :)
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Glad to see the Artist on there, such an undderrated movie. :)
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Yup, nothing beats the classics.


Al Pacino still annoys me tho.
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I find it funny half the people on this list are dead or old. :D
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Not The Artist. That movie came out 2011, it was only made to look like an old movie.
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Lol the last one killed me. XD
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Ooh Robin Williams? Nice he's one of my favorites!!
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