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I'm trying to earn money for life now really. I haven't gotten the time to look for a job (helping my mom with papers and stuff) so yeah. Planning on taking masterals, which I should work for but yeah.

If you just feel like donating, that would also be greatly accepted. c: Any amount is fine.

Why not point commissions?
Those are allowed too, for as long as they're the same value as what is going to be listed below. Although I would prefer real-money commissions at the moment.

I'm offering only one type of commission, chibi commissions. To explain, I will draw a chibi version of a character that you would show me.

What I can do:
* OCs
* Game or anime characters
* Slight anthro [catboys and the like]
* Slight GL/BL

What I cannot do:
* Backgrounds
* Mecha
* Furry
* Yaoi/Yuri
* Hentai
* Real life people

* One character with a transparent background = $5
* Additional characters is an additional $5. Still no background.

Please note that these will be cell-shaded and their name will also be written along with the character you want me to draw.

* Here will be my preview for what kind of product you would be expecting:
[poses will be up to me, depends if you have one in mind]
moe moe kol by on-a-leash it's hazama by on-a-leash

* Previous commissions:
Commission: Jam Kuradoberi by on-a-leash Commission: Cey by on-a-leash Commission: Hazel by on-a-leash Commission: Adair Thayer by on-a-leash


1: Send me a note. A sample is provided below.
2: I'll start drawing it while I wait for you payment. This will be via paypal.
3: Once you pay me, I'll send you the original copy of the drawing.


Just send me a note with the subject title, Commission. Inside, please give me the details of who you want me to draw.

A sample:

Subject: Commission

Character name: Steve
Character references: (Preferably uploaded on tinypic or imgur.)
Additional Details: I want Steve to be wearing a different outfit like this one

Thank you CRiMSOnALLOY!
80 points = $1
400 points = $5

1. Hexanoid - Drossel von Flügel
2. Murki - Yu and Yosuke
3. DC - Presea playing with a Pikachu and Kirby doll

Thank you very much!
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Actually, ignore that comment. I didn't realize how cheap your commissions were in my currency |D /will note you in a minute
on-a-leash's avatar
And I'll be running them for as long as I can. I'm practically done with school already so I get to have more free time. xD Thanks for the note. c:
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How long are you going to be running commissions for? I really want to commission you but right now I'm saving up for a con ; ~;
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Are you still doing point commissions? ; w; *grabby hands* I wish I had paypal though... RL money > points sadly. :C
on-a-leash's avatar
I'm still accepting point commissions. xD Although I'm not very sure at what price I should be doing them for. :V I heard of an equivalent of $5 = 800? I think that's a bit too much so I'm still deciding about points. ;u;
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Awesome! :iconicameplz: I think $5= 400 points. You could probably get away with more though if you wanted to. If you ever decide on a price, let me know and I will note you. I want to spam you with orders LOL.
on-a-leash's avatar
Perhaps, it's just that I see other people offering point commissions for less like, around two digits so I was thinking of going for the same. But I will be giving you the entire canvas (around 1000 x 1000) so I was thinking that I should charge more.

Is 200 points an okay amount for you though? o:
[Sorry for the late reply.]
Roseteaa's avatar
Yeah, I understand. With your quality I could see you going for a lot more, so I think charging a little more couldn't hurt. Still, it is your choice.

200 points is pretty cheap. If you want I can give 400. * w* I will send you a note soon, just need to get more points (probably going to get them tomorrow @w@). And don't worry about the late reply, I'm guilty of that all the time LOL.
on-a-leash's avatar
I received your Note! Thank you~
And if that's the case, I'll accept your offer of 400 points. ;u;

Preferably, you can send it after I'm done. c:
Roseteaa's avatar
fff, thanks so much for accepting. :icontearplz:

Okay~ |D I just realized it says that on this journal. I can't read OTL. I can't wait to see how it turns out, and I'm probably going to order another one soon. Can't resist those cute chibis. * w*
on-a-leash's avatar
Alrighty! I'll try to finish it soon since I'm currently having finals. ;u; Sorry for the wait!
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Are you still open for comissions Michi? o 3 o
on-a-leash's avatar
Yup. I still am. xD
Shilloshilloh's avatar
sdfghgdsasd If I had dollars to spare qwq
If its okay I'll save up money and I'll pay in pesos when I see you qwqb
on-a-leash's avatar
Omg, no need bb! >o< Especially for you. QAQ
Shilloshilloh's avatar
But I want to support and I love all your prettyful art QwQ
Thank you and good luck bby :love:
grandhavy's avatar
LDSHJIOW YOUR CHIBI ART IS TO DIE FOR :heart::heart::heart::heart:

here's hoping you get some good commissions ~

I'm not sure about pricing, but we should talk about it sometime, i kind of interested too actually ;D
on-a-leash's avatar
QAQ WAAAH, THANK YOU BB. I'm still working on getting better! >o< Your art is so much more awesome-r!

And thank you very much!
I wanna talk to you again, hopefully once I get YM to work on this thing. :3 And my friend just asked me to do it to be honest since it's better than doing nothing at all. xD;
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