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20$ commission for *euphoriane
Character: Coryn Camryn
(Copyright *euphoriane)

I hope you Like it.

Painter IX
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© 2010 - 2021 omupied
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you've drawn so many beautiful women its hard to figure out how to properly compliment them all
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another beautiful render.......
all the best to you
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I do like it. When i glance this image, i'm captivated by her alluring deceptive expression including the hair that adds more of it.
wufei02's avatar
Amazing!! Those hair strain, OUCH! Too painful to work on.
TwiFanClub's avatar
beautiful, very pretty :D
Blubirdss's avatar
my goodness awesome work
NekoHimeAnny's avatar
wow... hair and shading are amazing!! :O
tcheadriano's avatar
Barbaridade tche! Muito bom!
tu é da onde véio? trabalha com ilustracao?
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
WOW!!! She's STUNNING!!!
bunnygrl101's avatar
I just love this type of work, where one thing is colored, and oh my goodness your artwork is simply breathtaking :D
Al-Hamadi's avatar
love it :love:
she is beautiful :D
Rowena-Silver's avatar
I can't see it!! :(
NhaomiArt's avatar
WOW!!! That's... amazing... so real...
rodasaow's avatar
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awesome!!!!! sooooooo beautiful..
BrokenViolet's avatar
wow that's mind blowing!! fantastic!!
Sora-Love's avatar
Wow amazing!! And that hair sure is gorgeous!! <3
Kalyith's avatar
Absolutely GORGEOUS.
The-soft-Brush's avatar
this is amazing ... :D :D
ForeverMee's avatar
This looks creepy-real.... like photorealistic-real, even when I know its a piece of art.... yet very pretty. Love the eyes!
Frozen-song's avatar
This artwork is amazing.
InsanePiece's avatar
I lvoe the hair aspect !
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