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Your stuff is inspiring bro, love it, especially the mix of medieval western sci-fi. It's beautiful.
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cheers mate!
How do you go about picking your colors? because i find it so impossible to use that strong colors and make them work together. Amazing piece btw!
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just experiance, try to be brave and take crazy colors if it doesnt work it means you learned something and you got better. also studie nature and photos
okey! yes i think i need to study more photos! thanks a bunch for the answer and keep the awesome pieces coming!
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like a space bounty hunter or something like that :)
Omuk's avatar
space dandy?
stabkamay's avatar
haha :D nah 
he just looks like a cowboy with an iron suit
imagine iron man wearing a cow boy hat, spurs and all that stuff

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oh wow, this is sweet.  Guys got a very unique style going on I love it!
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For the Greater Good.
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Oh what a beautiful morning
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"The wastes are hard, few can survive out here. No one man can police these wild lands. I stand for justice and unwavering resolve. The only hope that remains for me is for someone stronger than I takes up my mantle and continues my work." -The Morningstar
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Is that a book?  I'm impressed.  It's always interesting for me to see what people this day think about things then... meaning to say I don't appreciate the way you just put that. 

Nevertheless, things don't always go the way we appreciate them to be, so please mind you that while these servers last we might appreciate some timeless art.
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It's not from a book. I have a habit of making stories around characters. While I say that, I haven't written a full story about this guy. It isn't my character. I'm not really sure what you mean, though.
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