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Horizon zero dawn

Promotional art i made for Guerrilla Games's new IP; Horizon: zero dawn

special thanks to :iconphade01: Erik van helviort for the help on the robot and Ilya golitsyn for making the character and the whole team for making such an awesome IP

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I would sacrifice a body part of mine just for this game.
Omuk's avatar
what part to be exact? 
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 Beautiful work, i love the colors.
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I absolutely can not wait for this game to come out! This artwork is amazing!
Omuk's avatar
me neither :D
sauravs911's avatar
Really awesome!
Saw this in a magazine the other day, I think the Official PlayStation Magazine.
Caught my eye immediately! Awesome work!
Waiting for the game.
Omuk's avatar
yup! fun to see it pop up everywere now :)
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When I saw this game at the E3 I immediately became hopeful. It's been so long since I played a game with a female as the main lead.(Lightning from Final Fantasy doesn't count for me, she's part the F.F. Series while this one is  on its own).
This art looks awesome and am happy to see that a group of people worked together to make this. It looks like it could be a wall scroll one would buy online. Also it reminds me of a snow storm in the fall. 
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we are all doing our best to make it the best we can!
thanks for dropping by
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I saw this from E3, still have no idea what a bow and arrows gonna do against giant robot monsters XD

I love the contrast of the menacing background in comparison to the bright and beautiful scenery :)
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thanks people for all the kind words! the team at GG is doing its best.
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Ruth-Tay's avatar
Vette Shit:) Zag dat Noud de game trailer poste op facebook, Leuk om wat meer conceptart van de game op DA terug te vinden.
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gotta spread the hype! 
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Your piece looks amazing. Just checked the game out, probably won't get to play it since it looks to be PS4 exclusive but looks great.
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really happy with the reception of Horizon: zero dawn, thanks guys! 
DeBlob-hatena's avatar
The color yellow has never looked cooler...
Threvlin's avatar
Gorgeous work for a gorgeous game. Looking good!
Basement-Aviator's avatar
Looks great. I sure am hyped for this game.
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If it is a promo/production art, Omuk, you should choose general "Digital art" category, not "Fan Art", imo.
Omuk's avatar
HAH i did that? i clicked the wrong auto catagory thingy, gonna fix that, cheers for the heads up!
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This would be great for the game's box art :) Nice work!
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This is amazing, I've never heard of the game but seeing this I will definitely check it out!
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