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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 1, 2013, 7:14 AM
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Skin by pjuk

HELLO! this is for everyone that was interested in commissioning me or just had questions! so i thought this might help!

what is your price range?
about 350-450$ i calculate it according to Style/Complexity/Time if you'll tell me exactly what you want i'll tell you how much it will cost (:
I ask for how much I'll work for and I'm not greedy.

Open for Commissions?
write me at, PS I'm probably am.

Can you please paint my request?
this is my living! i don't take requests, i just don't have time for it, you want something; commission me.

UNLESS IT'S AN Alice suggestion- you can always advice, it's good to have some ideas floating around.

What style can you produce?
I'm EXTREMELY VERSATILE. i can't do Manga... yet.. but that's it i can really copy a lot of styles. look in my site if you don't believe me!

Can i re-paint one of your images?
Yes! BUT for PRACTICE ONLY! and credit me- don't forget to show me the end result!

Can i use you image for a tattoo?
Yes! don't forget to show me the end result! if you upload a pic of it to DA Credit me!

Can i Cosplay one of your characters?
Really?! cool! sure! but make sure to send me the material too so i'll upload it here as well!

Can i buy any Alice work?
NO! i don't have the copyright, i'm not allowed to sell ANY AMA or AMR work!

For Companies: Can i buy a digital copy image?
I'm not a stock store, you want something, commission me. Most of my work is already created for someone else anyway so i can't sell it.

For Companies: Wanna Tube your work?
No, buzz off.

IF I FORGOT SOMETHING- Write me a comment!
and if you are interested please write me to my email (:

Alice-Alizarin Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
You posted the " What style can you produce? " twice.
Other than that, looks good to me.
I rofled at some of the answers to the FAQ though like, " " For companies: Wanna tube your work? ".
No, buzz off.
OmriKoresh Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
LOL thanks! i deleted the repeated Q
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