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after my campaign is done,
I'm going to revamp my gallery so it will showcase my best work as a portfolio.
i'll remove most or all of my traditional work and keep it clean and minimal.

i'll update also my Alice: Asylum images.

American McGee's Auction

Journal Entry: Tue May 8, 2018, 7:36 AM
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Skin by pjuk

American agreed to sign some stuff to help me raise funds for my Indiegogo campaign.



need to WATCH BABYLON 5!
The indiegogo Campaign is LIVE
If you want to look at the art and what's it all about you can go a visit the page!

you don't have to support me if you are poor, but if you could please SHARE the link with friends. Bribe other people to get a copy of my book.
there's even an entry of 1$! anything helps.

Thank you!
I wanted to know hoe can i create a NEWS thing on DA for the promotion of my art-book, the campaign is live
it looks awesome but i don't understand what can i do on DA besides posting work? help?
hey! April is coming, i made another video on What's the book about, DA is quite dead i have to say.
anyway i tried to summarize what's going on there and show some of the art Hope you'll check out the landing page if you haven't.
After April you won't be able to order a book- this is it, these are the only copies.
had an amazing birthday, we celebrated on a friend's roof, tons of friends, a lot of booze and cake.
thank you everyone, please remember that on April i'm launching my indiegogo campaign, so make my month and back this project up!

thank you again, Omri
listen to some cool news, American is going to mention my campaign tomorrow in his newsletter. I hope it will bump my exposure!
ALSO if you didn't see the promo video for the listing It's on my facebook. this is so exciting, but i'm so scared that this campaign won't work and the book won't publish. i KNOW it's a good book with really really my best art but you know, still scared shitless.

ALSO thanks ahead on my birthday wishes! go visit my landing page OR sign up or i can even remind you here on April when the campaign will turn up
Hey! I just posted my favorite image from my book, it's a painting of my mom. She is the biggest influence for me to create art. she is the one that always supported me and let me express myself.
My dad was never really supportive and she basically acted as a single parent and she was the one that bought me tools and materials an she was the one that took care of me- more than him.
it's far more complex than that but i don't think it's the time.
but i was wondering, who did support you to create art? i'm curious to see if there's any resemblance to my story.
Ok there's this woman in my neighborhood. she has three identical black dogs. Cute dogs, don't know the kind, they are kinda fluffy but their hair is cut almost... squareish?
she has this thin thin hair, dyed dark red with white roots. short, a bit full and kinda ugly in a bland kind of sense. So from a far you see this odd sad woman, walking three squared-lego-fluffy dogs who are almost bigger than her. walking the identical black dogs, which at night look like low-res polygons.

i saw her again today. i will never talk to her but i just get a cringe looking at her. just really needed to share.
i mean on facebook i can Pay them, on DA i don't get like.. how.. what... unless i'm a really hot girl, what am i suppose to do? grow tits?
anything i can do? i need attention for this goddamn book!
I made this list:

it's for you who don't want to sign up to an email blog whatever. I'll just notify you, personally, through email that the campaign is LIVE (april)
This book will be amazing, You can see the amounts of art i'm showing.
So sign up, I'll notify you when the time comes.

* if you are already listed in the blog, you are already on the list.
just wanted to say sorry for bombing you with polls and journals, it's just Really helpful with building my campaign.
thanks for voting and giving me feedback- Honestly i'm doing this BY MYSELF, i don't have a team or anything. i'm pretty much guessing wtf to do.
Hi! Well i'm always interested how people's minds work, the last journal was so much fun for me to hear, First how you are, and generally how you dream.
any new dreams you want to share? i Love hearing those.

My dreams are usually very Lucid, VERY. Also a lot of times people in my own dreams make fun of me. Once i saw this amazing pier out of my window and this woman- Who from far away looked pretty but as she got closer the uglier :no: she became as i needed glasses, so, also in my dreams.
anyway, she was walking there, i asked her what's the name of the place. She said "it's a pier" so i said, "it doesn't have a name?" she looked at me like -you are stupid- and said, "it's a goddamn pier" and walked away annoyed. :rofl: i swear, this is a common theme.

My book was written originally from a storyline from a really long dream i had. In Short- I was taken to a ship, taken as a slave and got to the strangest city. People talked around me in a foreign language and i couldn't understand them (which never happened before! or Since). the city was Black, totally black, with a huge dome at it's top. i'm not going to yap, If you want to know more i wrote in my blog>>


But it came into this long and twisted story, the character became this anigma to me and i'm pretty happy with the outcome. I just hope and pray that i'll be able to get enough funds for it /:
It's so strange how our minds work, love to hear stories, tell me if you got one.
personally, I can remember full segments, talks, i even argued with a woman once that "i'm dreaming" and she kept laughing at me and saying that i wasn't :no: and i was "i know WHEN i'm dreaming lady!! *hairflip*" :slow:
I remember that once i dreamed i was working in a hotel and i was told to vacuum the ventilation shaft inside one of the rooms... :no:
and then it hit me- I was dreaming!!! i threw out the vacuum and went to the beach. 
Am i alone in this odd remembrance stuff? :rofl: my hubby can't remember anything. i'm really curious. 

And yea i'm still wishing all of you who like my art will support my art-book on kickstart, :buymyprints: but i got 10 weeks to spam you with materials (:
i woke up this morning, i don't feel like doing anything,
it's not depression- i'm just overworked, but fuck i can't take a break, i got too much to do right now, maybe in a month i'll have some time off
but- what do you do? how can i get motivation for today? i want to curl back in my bed and wake up in two weeks. and eat cake. not in the order.
Question, should i open a patreon?
I have my own blog and i do create content constantly, but should i open a Patreon?
thoughts are welcome!

and If you want to hear what's my opinion on "Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter" by Dan Luvisi,

Check out this link or on FACEBOOK!
hey! so thanks for the feedback! i'll start with my book reviews next week, i didn't get the chance to record it this week, i've been sick.
do you guys get sick a lot in winter? last winter i passed out from a fever /: is that common?  tell me about your worst sick days!!

my current book list is what I GOT

- LMS by Luvizi
- Alice Madness returns, art book
- Mark Ryden, forgot the title
- Brom, The plucker
i bet i got more that i just don't remember, but i'll start with these in This order.

anyway, Nuevra, my book is finally ready to start Campaigning. This means i'll release some of the art- like YOU suggested,
Some designs and stuff that you suggested, you have been so helpful, i feel truly blessed to have so much support!
also i don't know if you do- but you can add me to your personal Facebook [link] 
also if you'd like information directly from the horse's mouth you can sign up to my blog! we are at 161 people! it's quite the community!

Thanks for reading!
Do you own art books?
I do, like lots. Do you buy them online or go to actual stores?

i thought of doing some book reviews, i got a lot of art books and i think it's cool just to show the books!
and talk about what i like and dislike about them, is that something you'd like to see?

do people still buy artbooks? the first that i'll do is LMS, danny luvisi's book :icondanluvisiart: I think it can be cool to Praise and bash it.
It's a pretty big book, if you didn't buy it- you SHOULD.
just passed the 3500$
so now i'm officially on the project.
Join my community:

American's Patreon

i can't wait for my first assignment!!