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Wondertable + Parts


I'm Selling the small parts! if anyone is interested, Write me!!


:thumb290656109: < if you want to see the WHOLE
This table is approx. 27x23x23 inch (70x60x60 cm) without the stuff, i took good pictures of it with the stuff separately,

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My fellow Deviant, I must say... I honestly can't tell if this is a fantastic steampunk piece, a delightful Alice In Wonderland-esque sculpture, or the absolute best of both mediums. We are looking at beautifully designed Kinkade-reminiscent furniture set that has been put through the test of time, the trials of nature, and the mind of Tim Burton, and I am pleasantly pleased and astoundingly surprised at the result. All in all, not to be mean or unpleasantly rude to any other, but those half-rate crafters who call themselves artists obviously have not taken half a gander upon this masterful work of art. Well done, and might I add, DO WANT.
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My god, there's so much to look at! And it's all so detailed!

There's so much creepy grandeur it makes me want to throw a halloween party. I especially love the boney teapot, which looks like it's dripping pumpkin goop. Some things are clear what they are, other things are more elusive. But all if it is compiled into a jar-hanging checkered table of pure awesome.

I don't really even know what it's supposed to be or where it's from, but I can tell you it's awesome! I can't even imagine how much time it took to create this; your dedication skills must be phenomenal.
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thank you for the lovely critique!
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So much delightful details in this craftsmanship!
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they are all beautiful
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It's incredibly wonderful !
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Has anyone bought this yet?! o.o It's truly amazing! :iconluvluvplz:
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that is gorgeous. i love them.
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This is absolut amazing!!!!
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This truly is wondrous! Wow!
a lot of dis stuff looks like it was made for Alice madness
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I would LOVE to have one of these, I really would! This is fantastic in all it's details and it's over-all creepiness. Just wow...
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I AM SO INTERESTED!!!! just need to know how much ^^
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Hello this is =Eitvys200 with great news. Your work was featured in #5-Stars-Artists journal project 5-Stars-Artists feature

Stay perfect,
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awesome! tell me how do you do those huge thumbs?
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