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This table is approx. 27x23x23 inch (70x60x60 cm) without the stuff

Broken into Parts: :thumb299156963:

process shots on my facebook page, this is a table i made with a lot of stuff on it, currently this is the best shot i got of it and this thing is big, hope you like (:



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Mar 15, 2012, 6:17:45 PM
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Wow. Just wow. That amount of detail led me to think it was a digital creation, which in itself would have been amazing.
The fact alone that is has six legs instead of the generic four really sets it apart from your average table. The detailing on the legs and the trim of the "table" part is what captured my heart and my favorite.

That alone would have been an awesome sculpture, but you took the extra step and added ornaments and keys and (my favorite) clocks hanging down from the table, which I would have never thought of doing. Those added details really gave it the futuristic feel that I really enjoy.

Now, for the top. The detail is great, and I really like those colored circle windows (forgive me if that's not what they are!) but then I thought to myself, "If this is a table, how would I be able to put anything on it?" Which led me to wonder if that part was a part of the table, or added decorations for the photograph.

Last part, I promise! I felt I must say something about the background. I think you made an excellent choice! I'm guessing you took the picture with a green screen maybe (?) and the background was added digitally, so I must say that I'm really glad you did that and didn't have just a plain ol' background. It really created a nice feel to the picture.

Argh, sorry for the insanely long critique. And excellent job once again!
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just to let you know, the stuff ON the table are actually stuff especially for the table, it's an actual table, you can see it on my facebook page, and thank you for the critique (:
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That's what I thought :D
It's absolutely amazing btw.
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What is this magic?:omg:
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So *if* in a few years I had a child and would rather have it play with this than with a doll house (that was made from plastic that gave some poor coal miner somewhere lung cancer, then was crafted in a sweat shop with the subliminal intention to re-enforce idiotic gender roles and racist ideas) would you make another perhaps? :?
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it's not a toy,
kids can't play with it so it doesn't really matter (:
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This is mindblowing! I love this so much!
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This is fantastic. So my detail. So much to look at.
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Wow!!! I love it!!! It's absolutely beautiful!!! <3
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i freakin love it!
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This is so cool!! The ability to make those things.. that is incredible. I've always admired miniatures and the people who made them, but this is way more than that. This, is wow.
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This is just so intricate and detailed... It's just absolutely amazing :#1:
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how in the world did you do that!!!!!!
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damn what was the shortest peice to make?
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the truth, i can't remember, i usually go back and forth
MinaSleeneSazuku's avatar
totally amazing have you ever tried making the charters from the game?
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WOW! amazing! It's so detailed, wow!
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Just letting you know that this has been added to the Featured folder in the gallery at #Sellers-Showcase, congratulations! C:
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thanks! and than you for the comment on my Alice work too
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You're welcome and no worries, you're a very skilled artist and you work is awesome c:
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Very sexy table mate :ahoy:
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that is pretty fricken cool ..LOVE it!
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