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Hell yes man. We need another Alice game. Don't get me wrong I liked the last one alot but the lack of boss battles is what killed it. The story though is why I played it a bunch of times lol. 

*golf clap* Brilliant. Love it. Sadly, EA is a hard publisher to support these days.

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Heh. I did not expect that. Can I share this image on Twitter?
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OMRI you MADMAN, this is AMAZING :'D

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lol this is hilarious:D
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This is literally hilarious LOL Love it!

as much as i would like a third alice game, im not giving money to ea for it. no way in hell do i want to deal with the mess of paywalled content they will take out of the game.

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you are not giving money to EA you are giving money to American get your facts straight.

if that is not the case he could publish elsewhere. but that cant happen because ea are the ones in control.

if there was a new alice game, it would be like dead space 3 or battlefront or any other current ea game.

no amount of crying blood on white dresses can change that. only destroying ea, atleast enough to force their actions, can do that. which means not giving them money.

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Haha, I love this :D
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