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St. Alice



Updated version! hater her hair especially,
so! Alexis Bledel is the model for this one (:

based off Jesus.

if you enjoy my work please support me

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This is a work of fan-created art and neither the work nor the artist is not associated with or created by EA or Spicy Horse.
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This is indeed a very interesting twist to the video game, and I very much enjoy this display of both cunning and ingenuity. I have come to understand that her neclace is a personal twist, correct. I as an obsever is not meant to critique on such things, but as a fan I have to say that it removes the certain element of devotion to the original design, and if I may continue on the whole devotion issue, there seem to be a certain lack of pockets on her dress.
One of the elements of this picture that leaves the most impact on the viewer is the blast in the background, and the hair is striking as all hell (it could not have been easy to pull off), but is there a blast or a implosion, because the hair seem to be blowing backwards, towards the source which might confuse the eye, or at least my eye. The iconic knige also seem to have been resized, for in the game it is more like the size of her forearm. Beyond that I am ideed impressed, although I am but little more than a child in comparison to your masterlike display of talent I will have you know that I am honored to be able to critique this image. Regards /STR.
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Love it! It's almost like an Icon painting. :)
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This is amazing
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Pls keep making more alice
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WOW!!! Its beautiful! I would like to make my Alice cosplay inspired in this artwork :love:
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it's American Mcgee's alice.... if you just modify the makeup a bit, it's the same character...
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Wonderful, really!!! :aww:
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his is wonderful :lovelyeyes: 
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Excellent drawing, great composition.
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Absolutely love this!
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HI! .. so.. um, does this AUTHOR have the right to use this painting on their BOOK????…
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She looks so... beautiful.
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I was looking through the Kindle Store and found this:…

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 this is beautifulPrince Hans 
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whoa.. she looks so pretty here.. and not so psychotic.. 
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