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Not everything Dies, Elizabeth.




This image was made for a book cover for John Patrick Kennedy,

Not Everything Dies, Black Hearted Royals, Book One.


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In first place I certainly need to say that the artist that made such an artwork and used this kind of a title for it is extraordinary person by himself! I wanted to make an emphasis on the singularity of the drawing because of the evident fact.
I am sure of 99% of people associate Ariel with "The Little Mermaid" that is an animated cartoon. So this name is like a sinonim of a very well-known creation of Disney. I wanted to remind that the little mermaid was very romantic, sensitive and kind creature.
I realy respect the authors creativity and valour. Of course not every person would set aside all his reminiscences of classical Ariel and get used to something very different from it.
I didn't like the cartoon very much (nevertheless have watched it very often in my childhood) and I'm just facinated with this work. I even may named it the chef d'oeuvre! I love it. In fact this Ariel looks much more like a mermaid from myths and legends, much more real. Colours are not only classic (I ment the red hair) but also very heartfelt. So her ice-cold eyes are lookin all throuth you and they are purely inhuman in spite of this is SHE.
The theme and staging are just superb! I really want to say, what an imagination/fantasy does human need to perfectly combine all the details in this painting?
Oustanding work! Sometimes I say that if the person would not like what I wrote about this or that artwork it won't be the worth day of my life. Now I really want to note that there are some works, as they are not like watchers expect to see something that they are used to, shouldn't be left out without any interest in it. This incredible work is one of them!