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Looking in the Shadows

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Stunning imagery! I love it!!

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Nice work here! Alice's two sides are terrifying in different ways.

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This is absolutely stunning.  I love the ambiguity in the blade.  It is metal?  Is it glass?  Is it both.  Her blade reflection is smiling but her eye reflection is stoic.  Little Easter eggs in an otherwise simple composition tell so much of the story and make me hungry for more.
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This is so awesome
Lovely eyes
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The look is so piercing, what a superb intensity!!

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This portrait, is probably one of your best works! So emotional and so much detail!

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Amazing! I love it! <3
Your artwork is always so stunning. ^.^
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Well... that's awesome work!Clap 
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Legit took me a second to realize this wasn't a photo. looks like she got individual hairs and everything! H O W???
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Amazing!!!  ^^
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Beautiful! I love it! <3

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Very cool work, Omri.  Fascinating portrait. 
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wowee is this 3d or digital painting? it  looks so well done, hot damn ,excellent job rendering the light on the skin and the air
Keep it up with the lovely stuff buddy have a great day and drink your water ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Outstanding. Really. Great work :)
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"I'm not looking for a fight"
"Really? That's a pity, ones certainly looking for you"
Phenomenal work dude :D
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