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Insane Child



Details in my blog
:star: MY BLOG :star:

:star:American McGee's Alice :star:

This is The Insane Child from Alice's Rutledge asylum.

Thanks *Null-Entity for the Ref!

This is a work of fan-created art and neither the work nor the artist is not associated with or created by EA or Spicy Horse.
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what the that..that..THING?!
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Insane Child.
Don't you know American mcgee's Alice?
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I hope you take it as a compliment, I used this pic for a post on my site with a link to your page here. Thank you for the art!…
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Sorry for taking so long to respond. I get so busy I forget to check in here once in awhile. Thanks for sharing your art, I love it!
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I'm Crying... Now I'm laughing.
This is great!
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I would probably die if I saw this for real...
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here. its freaking terrifying
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does anyone else get the feeling like its staring into you soul? O.O

anyways.. I love the art work!! :)
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I can't stop staring at the face... O_O
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WOW that actuly freeked me right out good job XD the eyes and the smile gahhhhhhh its delightfully terrifying .
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He looks happy! :3
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Oh god! I remember how creeped out I was by the kids in the "school" D: (Played it when I was 8 years old lol).
I absolutely love it!
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d'awwww he looks happy! :D
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Nightmares. For the rest of me life. Thank you.

Ha ha, anyways, this is really good!
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Those children are creepy, but would of been much creepier if they tried to attack you and you could kill them in American Mcgee's Alice XD
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This is a masterpiece! D:>

I AM IN AWE >:O Brilliant detail and shading!
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