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Ice Princess

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Mirish I just thought she's so unique
Ice Princess by Mirish
I had to paint it.

Look at my other work
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Her eyes are so vibrant! :heart:
art-by-sofia's avatar
Absolutely stunning!!❤️
Alembic-LynXXX's avatar
Outstanding beautiful
AztecCCreations's avatar
After Comparing your picture to your reference i have to admit you either have a crazy good eye (cause those details are on point) or you got crazy good talent (cause it took me a long while to realize its a painting) who knows you might have the best combination of both (which is what im thinking) anyway you got some incredible work right here an I'm glad I saw it cause it just made my day an thanksgiving barely started so safe to say you just got a new fan of your work
OmriKoresh's avatar
thank you! most of my paintings are NOT from references, i make up the details
so a lot of the time it's really stylized.
but because it's a picture i can do it spot on and i can trace difficult things- like her hand.
thank you!
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That is one beautiful lady! You drew her so well I legitimately thought she was real!
OmriKoresh's avatar
a lot of people thought she is LOL
Wigi03's avatar
I guess that shows how amazing this art is.
OmriKoresh's avatar
LOL i honestly did it because she just, well, so beautiful i wanted to capture it
Wigi03's avatar
You absolutely succeeded! Your art is outstanding! I feel like her arms are gonna come out of my phone and pull my face in to kiss me! (That would be amazing if she kissed me)
DannyAndYoko's avatar
She's a hotty ^^''
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