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Gimmie A Clan.

My only problem with this third (and last, for now) portrait of a random girl from #vampirebloodlines2 is that i have no idea from what clan she is! I just "saw" her in my mind? You know when something gets stuck in your head? So i had to draw her.
From what clan do you think she is? Did i subconsciously make her bruah or...?
#vampirebloodlines #masquerade #ventrue #portrait Paradox Interactive #vtm#vampirethemasquerade #bruah #malkavian
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She can be any Clan, exceptional an Nosferatu or some other defaced bloodline.

I'm not a fan of overloaded stereotypes in contrast to the VtM-Community, but by my the first sight... I would create a Tremere or a Catiff.

Very nice artwork, the facial expresion, this beeing lost in thoughts is great, well done.

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Well Gangrel seems to fit on first sight, but she might as well be a Malkavian, she's got a queer vibe to her.
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She looks like a mix between Brujah and Gangrel. But then again, might as well be Caitiff or Thin-Blood.
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I love everything about this but specifically that is the most perfect nose ive ever seen!
Looks kinda like brojah
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I kinda get a Gangrel vibe.
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