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Flying on Wings of Steam



iv'e wanted to do this for a Very long time so now it's complete, face model is ~RainbowMassacre90 aka Brittany Elizondo body is based on the model of the game!

yes her legs are too long, deal with it.


:star: MY BLOG :star:

model ref used [link] if you know the author pls write
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This is simply a beautiful piece. Well done.
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Faint *screams* This is to awesome. Good job
maohwolf's avatar…  Your artwork is being sold here, I have reported them for mine. But its not right people making money for your hard work. Also taken off the signature.
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Good catch. OmriKoresh has amazing art and shouldn't be stolen. Kudos to you.
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ok i looked it over, it's not a big deal for ME as it's Ea game's copyright,
so i can't really sell it anyway in the first place.
but i put a complain and i hope something will move. thanks!
Pure Epicness. I can tell you have done some tweaks, excellent as always. I love your gallery.!!!
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This is beautiful!Can I please draw this traditionally with your permission?I will give credit to you of course
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sure but you have to show me how it came out
seasparkle-lioness's avatar
of course :) thank you so much keep up the awesome work
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Your art is amazing :) I love finding a whole new gallery like yours, one of those I know I'm going to pass a good time looking at. Awesome job!
OmriKoresh's avatar
thank you! this makes my day (:
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oooo.. tutorial? yes? no? please please?
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it's funny cause currently i'm at The Dollhouse level and i have a terrible phobia of dolls, so the first time i saw the DollGirl i was like: * brings out Pepper Grinder and backs away * NONONONONONO GOD NO AAAAHHHHHH
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משהו משהו, תמשיך לעשות עבודה טובה כזו!
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Oh, this is updated? What did you update? The leg looks a little more in-place from last that what you did? :)
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Yes and some tweaks, changed the butterflies too
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Oh my gosh! I love AMR.
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Looks powerful, beautiful, and the doll and watch add to wonder/fantasy. Great work!
misfitkittyrawr's avatar
:3 i love that game this pic is bad azz!!!!
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this is just great.
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God I love Alice in Wonderland so much. My favorite is The Mad Hatter. I love him!!
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amazing art, i'm a fan of alice u r really good [link]
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