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Dark Beauty




After watching "Dark Girls" [link] (<< trailer) which is a documentary about "exploring the deep-seated biases and attitudes about skin color" i just felt that i must paint a beautiful dark girl, i just looked at those women and i couldn't think they are ugly because of their color, i saw anatomy, proportions and i thought their rich color makes them look unique.

and i love white hair so deal with it.
hope you like!


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Here's the short version: Everything you create is magic.

Now for the in depth version.

It's always interesting to see what you create, because you have a distinct style and some incredible talent. It is very difficult to find where your work could use improvement, because frankly, it's always put together in such a creative way. Your positioning and use of light make for a dynamic effect where you see refractions against her back and arm, and the vibrancy of color and detail in the dress and flower greatly compliment the duller chocolate tone used for skin. The white of her hair and eye brows give the girl a look of age beyond the youth of her face, adding a sense of mystery about the girl that makes a viewer wonder about her. It has and unnatural appearance and piques interest. The "come hither" look on her face as she glances over her shoulder also grabs you and makes you want to know just who or what she's giving those eyes to. I am curious though, is this a mixed media of traditional and digital work, or is this created completely digitally? Truthfully I wonder that about each of your pieces, they're all crafted and blended together so well. At any rate, such are my humble two cents.
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Wow! Truly beautiful! :wow:
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Love the bold eyebrows and eyeshadows! On her skin they pop out amazingly!
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<3 prettyyyyyyyyyy
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excellent work :love:
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Beautiful, the colors are amazing
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It looks incredible, I loved it.
If i had so give it a critique I´ll say it´s e bit oversaturated, it's hard to separate in your head.But It might be your intention i don't know.
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Amazing work as allways
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Brilliant!Great detail!;-)
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Hi, I have featured your artwork on my blog [link] ! Please feel free to stop by and comment :)
Thank you for the great work!

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you're welcome; it's a beautiful piece! :)
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I like her poise... and the little glear in her eyes that says 'I dont need your aproval to be pretty" tha contrast with her ski an hairs lovely but in my opinion it makes her look kinda old.....but ova all a great peice...
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I love the contrast between her hair and her skin. It's really striking.
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Truly Astounding look and style a Real Beauty!!! Such stunning color and flavor to her look and her skin tone is perfection!!!
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Stunningly gorgeous.
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