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Black bunnies and ribbon

I wanted the head to look almost floating in a mesh of black shapes and green paint. I also wanted to paint a girl that't beauty isn't typical.
I see so many pretty girls and it's annoying to me when an artist keeps painting the same face over and over again- although i know it's also my mistake.
Oh and obviously, bunnies are cool, Black bunnies and cooler.

Sign up to my blog, got some cool art projects underway

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This is just magnificent :O 
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Blue hair and black bunnies. Very interesting combination :)
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Me gusto,excelente
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A lovely piece ! :)
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Normally I fave because women but the rabbits are well drawn.
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Amazing work as always :-)
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btw did you sign up to my blog?
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The whole art work is very very beautiful and the rabbits details are awesome, but most I like the rabbit ears on her hat : D
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it was tricky, usually when hats have rabbit ears they are really at the top.
it kept looking like rat's ears, it was hard to balance it out.
so thank you,  i really appreciate this.
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