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And the angels called MURDER (censored)



Originally i wanted to paint this in Oils but then i wasn't sure i wanted to and it kinda changed... so i decided not to paint it, but rather create the digital sketch i had of it to a full digital painting.
i think it's pretty. Go to my gallery for more art! <3

Uncensored penis:

Mature Content

And the angels called MURDER by OmriKoresh

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Beautiful, but too white for me.

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It's beautiful. Great job!

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Beautiful, amazing work!
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:wow: This is gorgeous :love:
Fantastic piece of art :clap:
Wow you have wonderful addictive talent that leaves you breathless and wanting more. 
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LOL thank you! go to my blog to read about stuff that i'm working on
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This reminds me of that one Doctor Who episode with the vampires who are actually fish!!!
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i don't remember that one, which doctor / season?
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The eleventh Doctor with Pond and Rory.
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OHH right! lol i didn't think of that
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Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] llama approves
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I think its beautiful! I love how the angels mix together with the hair and the wings and they almost surround the painting leaving no way out :clap:
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yes! good you got it!
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I love it! Great job!
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Holy moly, this is some breathtaking art you did here. Wow, just wow!
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Because only a murderer would carry a body in that way.
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very beautiful ^^
Very beautiful ^.=.^ what media is it and how long did it take you to complete it.
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mixed media.
a long time.
Sweet keep painting ^.=.^
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Very beautiful!  What story is this based on?
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