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Alice in Wonderland, Portrait


Alice in Wonderland.
It came out bizzare and delicate at the same time, IMO
What do you think?

Fun fact- did you know that in the original version her dress was actually yellow?

I know Alice is actually a brunette but i love blondes. I wanted to capture her "falling" inside the rabbit hole but at the same time, floating up. Then something went nuts with the books! and i couldn't stop imagning her drinking from a vial "Drink me".

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i love the lighting/shading of the hair! the whole piece is stunning!

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this is so beautiful and twisted! I love it!
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Excelente :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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Really incredible! *w*
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i've watch all your videos from ep1 to ten  and i can see how much effort and patience you have. I'm so hyped with all your art its amazing and can't wait to make one, to sumit up i like your art style and this version of  alice makes me cry ;...;
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<<<<<<333 thank you!!!
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I just like the amount of detail used in this piece ! :)
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you can see the videos in the description if you want to know how i make stuff.
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I watched the first episode in your tutorial on youtube for this image. I really like your style and plan on subscribing to your channel. Thanks for sharing your techniques. Lots to learn and you have a great way of teaching. 

Stay inspired.
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hey! cool, the rest of the videos are MORE successful than the first. i had to get used to the idea to actually TALK while I'm painting and get some confidence.

this Saturday the video will be about POSES and it's going to be me. showing poses. hoping that i won't look like an idiot.
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I subscribed to the channel. Looking forward to seeing more.

When you draw, do you use a "pen"? I've noticed you have very good control? 
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I have a Wacom, Intus 4. i bought a version of the pen that doesn't come with the tablet.
i bought the thin version, don't remember the name. when it's thinner it's much better.
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i thought you used mouse lol 
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I haven't heard of the Wacom, but I'll look into it. Thanks for sharing. Stay inspired. :iconhiskitty:
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So much detail!  You did an amazing job getting all those references to the source material!  She's lovely.
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amazing! so many details :clap:
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