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Alice + Cheshire


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SO! i've worked my ass off for this one! i always wanted a more intimate shot with these two!- i had help from a beautiful girl named Brittany Elizondo / ~BB-B1asph3my go see her cosplay, it's great.

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This is a work of fan-created art and neither the work nor the artist is not associated with or created by EA or Spicy Horse.
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I hope you don't mind if I get straight into the critique, since there isn't much I can say with the exception that this is sheer awesomeness!

Vision: For a photo manipulation, It has been so well edited that at first I mistook it for an actual drawing! I'm not a professional when it comes to art but the lighting and colour variation all stick to one theme throughout the picture, and I think it gives a spectacular effect, especially with the Cheshire Cat's face! This is just my opinion but I think it would have been even more amazing if the dress had some of Alice's signature blood splatters to contrast against the shading.

Originality: The only reason I rated this as a 4 was due to the fact that it was a fan art, but it doesn't subtract from the originality of your methods and style: I can see that extreme detail went into the picture and some of the criticism I have would be to highlight the more sinister theme of Alice: Madness Returns? It's all very scenic but despite Cheshire's appearance it doesn't bring out the dark theme.

Technique: Seeing as though I watched your youtube video which showed the process, I can say that the techniques used were amazing I'll repeat, I know very little of programs such as Photoshop but like a professional you put intense detail into everything, transforming it from a simple model into an awe-inspiring picture!

Impact: Again, this was rated as a 5 because unlike most Fanarts out there, this really does make an impact with everything in the picture - The lighting, the scenery, it's all very intense since anyone who knows the game Alice: Madness returns will be able to understand the twisted innocence and darkness in the picture.

Overall, simply amazing! There is very little I can actually criticize, so I apologize for not being very helpful but it really is amazing for a photo manipulation.