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Alice Asylum, Welcome to Rutledge

Character  Alice LiddellLocation  Rutledge asylum
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Done for Alice: Asylum, this month's print.
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Awesome! Your art on this is always amazing! *u*
Keep up the beautiful work! <3
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Really awesome!
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They are terrible doctors
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Actually the sad thing...they're not. Historically speaking, while they were abusive, they were on the cutting edge at the time. People who had mental issues it considered more kind to lock them up in a secret room at home away from idiotic doctors. It was especially if you were a woman, in sexist views, it was easier to have the husband just dump them at an asylum rather than going through an ugly divorce where she might get anything out of it. And when they got the idea of electro shock therapy oh just shock them until they either get their minds reset, give in to what they want to hear, or die. Rutledge actually you know...try to cure people (not very well mind you but they tried). Rather then just strapping them down and ignore their pleas or drug them and do whatever they wanted. Mental health care is only in recent years being treated with respect & as a real problem. So yeah despite what they did to her, Alice is technically a rare success story.
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She cured herself
This is why they are bad Doctors they are not helping they are continue hurting her
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I said she was a success story, I never said they had any part in that success. That's how low the standard was. 
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Very nice work
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Whoa... pretty scary and claustrophobic to say the least. Well done!
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Oh damn. Question: Do you draw from scratch or do you mix drawing and photo manipulation together?
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I photograph my own models and i merge the pictures inside with the paint. but overall everything you see is eventually painted even if the base was a photo.

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Ahh I love the framing of the character and the eerie vibe!! Such detail and attention in the characters all while directing your attention to the central character!! It’s amazing!!!!
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