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i saw a new image of the new look of Alice for the sequel,
i copied it with some changes! and made a wallpaper!
SO thank you Ken Wong for the Original!


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Gotta love Alice...This is a really cool the eyes, too.
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You know, This reminds me of a sentient, life-size doll from one of my novels. Her name was Empress Allison, and the only difference between this picture and her was the fact that Allison had yellow eyes with black scleras
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Wow. This is beautiful, especially the eyes.
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The Eyes are amazing :) .
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dark version of alice, i like them bes great work. 
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Awsome work. I am all for the dark version of alice. Some elements I saw from the game that I didn't care for but still. Faved.
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Passed the garden, and over dell
This is the way we go elsewhere
Spiders dangle one, two three
Weaving thoughts on crooked trees
Swiftly dancing near forever
Tumble down another dream
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I think I'll get her as a tattoo. Man, you do good work. Keep it up.
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sure, show me the outcome!
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gimme a couple of days
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This is the most atmospheric picture I've ever seen! )))
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uhm... Good ? ^^'
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this looks like a concept art piece
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I really like her eyes.
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i will say over and over and over again...
your artwork of alice is just so amazing i think i'll lose myself in their depths...
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WOW! Can't stop staring at this! You rock
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i fear nothing
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love love love it!!
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LOVE! she totally has that "Don't Fuck With Me" look going lol
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I've had this as my wallpaper for ages and always wondered who created it! LOVE IT!
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...I dont like the way shes staring at me...

But the art is amazing :>
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