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being original by Omoni being original :iconomoni:Omoni 1 0
Lost Spirits: A Spectre Fic
Hours walked hand in hand with Yoseob, his little fingers barely wrapped around two of the adult's. He looked to be about 4-years-old and had platinum blond hair. He was looking around into the trees, inspecting every little thing he found. From what he knew of Earth, his world was very similar, just a little smaller and lacking any life besides the plants, which were questionable. Their bodies just appeared to be human.
On Earth, no one could tell he was made differently, that he was in fact just a shell enclosed over an energy form that was similar to a human. Except for his strange appearance. Most people from Mist had some peculiar look or feel to them, something otherworldly that gave them away in the life-filled world they would sometimes cross over to. That is why it was advantageous to have some sort of ability to disguise such features. For Hours, this was easy.
His eyes were a calm blue, where usually they were bright red. Yoseob only had to tone down his energy, as it usuall
:iconomoni:Omoni 0 2
Minho slowly opened the door. He had been "in captivity" for the duration of his stay at the Council, but after the auction he had been put into a nicer room. And the door was unlocked. He looked both ways down the hall, no one in sight, and stepped out.
"You shouldn't do that," a cheery voice stated from behind him, where the door was still open. He looked confused so she continued, "Our room is adjoined to yours. I convinced Jessica to let you have some space before we left the Council."
Minho looked past her to an open door in his room where he could see Jessica channel-surfing on the TV in the other room. "Krystal… Jessica bought me?"
"Yep!" Krystal seemed overly happy about the situation. Minho glanced down the hallway and back at Krystal as someone started walking down the hall. It was a tall man with angry-looking eyebrows and he just passed by as Minho stepped into the room and Krystal shut the door.
Once inside, she beamed a smile and stepped backwards as he talked to her
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being by Omoni being :iconomoni:Omoni 0 0 Jessica got blood on her shoes by Omoni Jessica got blood on her shoes :iconomoni:Omoni 1 0
A Sudden Confession
Minseok walked into the room with two glasses of wine. He handed one to Onew, who smiled a thanks and sipped from the clear liquid. Onew was sitting on one side of the couch, ankle resting on his knee in a typical "guy pose" while leaning back on the arm. Minseok took the other side of the couch, bringing up one knee to his chest and facing Onew.
He looked seriously at the vampire in his home, took a large mouthful of wine, and let his face flush with alcohol. Asians tend to do that. But not Onew. Onew's face was still pale and Minseok took notice that it was one more thing odd about him. After a while, Onew made a noise to clear the silence and leaned forward. "So are you ready to talk?"
Minseok narrowed his eyes a bit and finished off his glass of wine. "About?"
Setting down his glass, Onew rolled his eyes, "What I said earlier."
"Oh? Is that something we need to discuss? I thought I would just have a drink so when I woke up in the morning I would think that a vampire having fallen i
:iconomoni:Omoni 1 2
Henry Lau by Omoni Henry Lau :iconomoni:Omoni 1 0 Me trying to be cute by Omoni Me trying to be cute :iconomoni:Omoni 2 4 Tool by Omoni Tool :iconomoni:Omoni 0 0 Once Proud by Omoni Once Proud :iconomoni:Omoni 4 0 She Spins by Omoni She Spins :iconomoni:Omoni 1 0 Whistle by Omoni Whistle :iconomoni:Omoni 0 0 Yes by Omoni Yes :iconomoni:Omoni 0 0 Power of the City by Omoni Power of the City :iconomoni:Omoni 4 2 Portfolio by Omoni Portfolio :iconomoni:Omoni 1 0 The Rock and The Willow by Omoni The Rock and The Willow :iconomoni:Omoni 0 0
Just some of the arts I eventually got around to putting up on here. Most of it is projects that were designed by my Professors, but some are the sketches I do and what leads up to everything.





Journal Entry: Tue Aug 30, 2011, 12:58 PM
I gave in and got a tumblr. In fact, I made two. So! Follow me?

Art - JAByourface
Personal - TigerBunnyChef

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Finding Self
Artist | Varied
United States
I actually took a picture of myself, go figure.

As for myself, I'm an artist that struggles with motivation daily to do anything I truly desire and second guess everything. I constantly have to stop the things I love because of physical ailments, so that doesn't help me with keeping on task at all.

I love taking photos and drawing and writing, which means I'm all over everywhere. I have a BFA in Communication Arts with a minor in Psychology, currently taking writing and English classes since I work at my Uni.



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