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Royal Roomies

:iconprincesslunaplz: "She may be evil but she's still royalty! It was the sensible thing to do."

:iconprincesscadanceplz: "Inviting a love-draining shapeshifter is sensible?"

:iconlunachallengeplz: "Would you rather give her an excuse to be mad at us?"

:iconcadancewtfplz: " I guess not."

(dammit Cadance why do you have to have so many gradients in your hair)
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HP Scanjet G3110
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Jul 9, 2013, 12:03:47 AM
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I just love emo luna and cheerleader chrysalis here

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You’re almost replace buy Queen xenopony

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College mates Huh oh yeah you're college mate as I bite your ears and I bite your horn

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What are you talking about?

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When did Luna learn to be college mates with a villain

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It's just a joke; chill.

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Still when did luna learn to be college mates with a villain

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"Impersonated" is misspelled. 

Hope my mentioning this doesn't upset you.
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Nah, I already knew that. Can't be arsed to fix it.
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Funny how she didn't mention her wedding.
Weird that Cadence left out what she did to Shining Armor, and he had to say it. Almost as if she doesn't care about him.
Y'know, the whole thing she was dedicated to in the actual episode.
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I think you're looking to deep into a funny comic strip that is in no way canon to the show lol
That's a distinct possibility.
I want Shining Armor to get revenge on her. Horrible, bloody, brutal revenge.
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LOL!! Chrysalis with Braces and Pigtails. XD Also, can totally see Luna as being and Emo/Goth. X3
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Meaning Gothic Luna

And nerd chrysalis
Luna looks angry in the photo
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No not face Who cares
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Its not a phase. MOM!
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Bugs Troll Face Icon Doge troll emote Foxy's Face Freddy Two  
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